Thursday, 26 December 2019

Cross River events under Ayade, where we're still not getting it right - Obaji Akpet

Gov. Ben Ayade of Cross River State 

My big brother Anthony Bissong Attah has been outraged with concerns on why Cross River State under the present dispensation has kept their own away from the sphere of entertainment. Anthony used Cobham as his point of reference.

Why I may not be ethnic conscious, Anthony Bissong Attah statement is not far from truth. The current handlers of the state event may apparently be playing sports with it for whatever motive. I had thought with my friend Eric Anderson being Commissioner he will raise the par on things. But I will absolutely understand if he tells me on the day of reckoning that during his reigns he only served a duty call on nomenclature. But based on Eric Anderson past records I hold him high and will still do until I have enough reason to disuse the remnant of trust on his quality of person. This is also wake up call for Mathias Amgbah my good friend and brother in the heart of it all. Ikpeme, Aklah Kenn all of you owe us an absolute duty of explanation because you ought to represent our drowning voices especially this time that state governor, your principal is keen in marketing his 'Spirit of enterprise' insignia.

Not even are home based talents placed strategically to inspire growth. Who the hell is teaching Cross River event handlers to write events? Or is first four years not enough for the guys to have learnt enough to have continued in this mistake in the current dispensation? 

I hear celebrity appearances and I ask where are the Kate Henshaws, Shan George, Isabella Ayuk MBGN 2012 Winner, the talk show goddesses as Agnes Madakor, Sunny Neji, Ubi Franklin, Iyanya, Spydaman, etc. Why can't they be part of the line up of celebrities being celebrated. How did Cross River come to this place of being in the slave mentality? .

I met Cobhams at the British Airways in Lagos and he was happy to identify with me... I fumbled with the little Efik I could and he gave me his number. We have stayed in touch since then. Cobham is a genius we must not toil with. 
If the state doesn't have his contact I can help in the process.

Cobham remains a musician whose music inspire even those with seemingly apparent disability; Cobham needs to be handy especially in a time when our young in the state have lost faith and need to be inspired.

We want to watch a show with Cohbam and others in our shows now.