Thursday, 19 December 2019

Davis Etta condemns invasion of Ebom by Usumutong, says act negates the peace building process

Hon. Dr. Davies Etta, lawmaker representing Abi in the Cross River State House of Assembly has out rightly condemned the attack on Ebom by their Usumotong neighborhring community. 

This was contained in a press statement issued this morning by the honorable member, when the news of the invasion broke out, early hours of today. 

Etta said, he had upon assumption of office toured the 10 council wards of Abi preaching the message of peace, with a strong passion to restoring peace back to the Abi especially the Bahumono community. Stating that the attack of Usumotong on Ebom, completely is a distraction towards his peace building project in the local government area. 

Etta vowed to ensure that peace permanently returned back to the LGA, while calling on the government to wade into the matter and ensured a permenant solution to the remote and immediate cause of the crisis is provided.