Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Learn from Ekiti, Bayelsa Election, Cross riverian

2023 Cross River Governorship and the lessons governor Ayade must draw from the outcome of Ekiti and Bayelsa polls.

It is no longer news that the PDP has in less than two years loss two of its dominant states, Ekiti and most recently Bayelsa to the APC. The loss many will agree was majorly due to greed,arrogance and the overbearing attitude displayed the outgone governors of those States.

In Ekiti, Ayo Fayose thought his popularity among the ordinary people of Ekiti was enough for him to singlehandedly install his erstwhile deputy, Eleka as his successor. His pride and outright disregard for other critical stakeholders of the party like Senator Olujimi, Ex PDP spokesperson and now APC chieftain, Prince Adeyeye among others tore the party into shreds which led to last minute defections and realignment from and against the party paving way for the APC's Dr Fayemi to take the day.

It was the same case in Bayelsa recently where governor Seriake Dickson went against the popular choice of majority of PDP faithfuls in Bayelsa to impose Senator Dire as his preferred successor.

By imposing Senator Dire, Governor Dickson exhibited one of the highest form of political greed in recent history all because like other former governors, he plans to retire to the Senate at the expiration of eight years term as governor of Bayelsa.

Reports say his choice of Dire and running mate was in complete disobedience of the wise counsel of former President Goodluck Jonathan while over 80% of his own Appointees were also against his choice which saw the massive resignation of some of them weeks to the elections.

As governor Ayade slowly but steadily winds down his tenure as governor of Cross River State, the need for him to learn from the mistakes of Dickson and Fayose cannot be emphasised if he is interested in playing a role in who takes over from him.

It was late elder statesman, Maitama Sule who said " The old without the young breeds greed..." Politics is about the people and without them, there is no politics. The importance of carrying everybody along whether old or young, former this and present that in the decision making process of the state is important else the industrial revolution silently going on in the State as champion by him dies as soon as he exits power.

He must be wary of hallelujah praise singers who would described him as the second best thing to happen after Jesus Christ, people who see black yet called it white just to make him happy and people whose stock in trade is to blackmail others to remain in his good books. These are the first set of people who will abandon him as soon as he fails to midwife a successful transition.

As often as possible, he must ensure regular meetings with other elected office holders as well as other critical stakeholders like former Governors and deputies, Ex Senators and Rep members among others who are still in the party. The idea is to enable him reconcile differences as well as bring everybody on the same page.

The decision of who succeeds him come 2023 must be a collective decision midwived by him and not a decision of some selected few as was the case in Ekiti and Bayelsa. Those whose plan is to ride on his back to succeed him must ease his job by popularising themselves amongst cross Riverians. They must begin to pay attention to the various complains about them and adjust accordingly because it may not be business as usual.

The truth is, Governor Ayade just like Fayose and Seriake would be the biggest loser if he fails to have a hand in who succeeds him. The Cross River State garment factory may be converted into an event centre considering its large parking space while the different factories at the Ayade industrial park may be turned into government warehouse. The ultra modern rice cocoa processing plant and the rice factory may never serve the purpose they were conceived and his darling calas Vegas may be converted to a resting house by fish farmers but GOD FORBID.

My name is Richard Romanus.