Saturday, 21 December 2019

"RE: Abi Chairmanship: The beginning of a new zoning circle and the true definition of Equity and Justice"

 A Greedy Epistle 

Azogor Ideba

The above 'epistle' in quote, by a fictitious group "Concerned Leaders of Abi Local Government" published on The Daily News Nigeria edition of Thursday December 19, 2019 refers.

Firstly, the consistent use of the pronoun "I" instead of "We" in the referred 'greedy epistle' gives the write up away as a product of  an individual machination rather than a group's position. But let's look beyond the messenger and address the message, despite the discrepancies.

However one chooses to distort fact or coat an obvious insatiable greed,  it  is  the  turn of  Imabana to  produce  chairman of  Abi local government council in 2020.

Abi structurally is a tripod of 3 major extractions namely Agbo-Bahumono-Imabana, and has 10 council wards which includes:
1. Adadama
2. Afafanyi/Igonigoni
3. Ebom/Ebijakara
4. Ediba/Anong
5. Ekureku I
6. Ekureku II
7. Imabana I
8. Imabana II
9. Usumutong/Abuego
10. Itigidi

So, whether on the basis of ward by ward or on the basis of A-B-I (Agbo-Bahumono-Imabana), there is no logic or sentiments to justify why Abi local government chairmanship should go to Bahumono extraction. 

On ward by ward basis (from pre -1999 era): 
1. Sunny Egbe from Ebom/Ebijakara    council ward was chairman of Abi from 1991-1993;
2. In 1996, Bolaji Anani  of Ediba/Anong council ward was chairman;
3. Ben Edu from Adadama council ward became chairman of Abi LGC in 1997;
4. Onyia Osim of Usmutong/Abeugo council ward was chairman from 1999-2002;
5. Eko Atu of Itigidi council ward took the seat from 2004-2007;
6. Chuks Agube from  Imabana council ward 1 became chairman from 2007-2010;
7. Franscis Ettah of Afafanyi/Igoni-Igoni council ward was council chairman from 2010-2013;
8. Edith Amadi from Ekureku council ward 1 took over Franscis Ettah from 2013-2016.

The above fact clearly shows that 8 out of 10 council wards of Abi have produced democratically elected chairmen of Abi LGC. Obviously, on the basis of ward by ward, only Ekureku 2 & Imabana  2 have not produced an elected chairman of Abi local government council. Ekureku 1 was the last council ward to produce chairman (2013-2016), hence the justification for Imabana ward 2 to produce the chairman of council in 2020.

On the basis of A-B-I (post-1999 zoning era), it is still the turn of Imabana after Onyia Osim from the Bahumono extraction (1999-2002); Eko Atu from the Agbo extraction (2004-2007) and then to Chuks Agube from Imabana extraction (2007-2010), who completed the first circle of zoning. The second circle of post 1999 zoning era started with Franscis Ettah from the Bahumono extraction (2010-2013) to Edith Amadi from the Agbo extraction (2013-2016), now remaining Imabana to take another shot to complete the second circle of zoning.

Thus, It will be difficult to convince any politically aware and detribalised indigene of Abi that Bahumono should produce the next council chairman of Abi. 

The author of the referred 'epistle' is either ignorant of the Abi political statistics or clearly exhibiting an obvious greedy trait.

Is it politically fair for Bahumono to have House of Assembly and Commissioner and still wants chairman while Imabana has nothing? Is this the 'true definition of equity and justice?'

It is therefore, distasteful, greedy and even discordant for Bahumono to be asking for chairman on the basis of equity and justice.

In fact, anybody from the Bahumono extraction of Abi (PDP) who is 'seriously' contending the Abi chairmanship seat in 2020 is selfish and treacherous. Such act is anathemic to the unity and peaceful co-existence of the people of A-B-I. This seed of discord must not be allowed to germinate. All men & women of good conscience must rise up and put a stop to this avarice.

Truth be told without any biases, we are already contending with a handful offsprings of discord in Abi.  We cannot afford to risk another. So let's avoid actions that will further divide us and promote those that will further unite us. 

It is the turn of Imabana to produce chairman of Abi local government council in 2020!