Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Why are they afraid of Stanley Nsemo

Stanley Boyce Nsemo 

By Architect Mike Eyo | 20th December 2019 

I read a jaundiced, poorly written article yesterday titled "AN AMBITION PRECIPITATED UPON GREED: WHY STANLEY NSEMO CANNOT BE CHAIRMAN OF CALABAR MUNICIPAL COUNCIL". It was written by a guy named Inyang Offiong who also said he was a lawyer. 

To start with, the word he should have used in the title header was "Predicated" and not "Precipitated" but blind rage, bitterness and envy for another man's success wouldn't let him cross check his tenses and vocabulary before going to press. The entire article, asides being made up of raw falsehoods, was dotted with several of such grammatical and typo errors and I had to read through painstakingly before getting or even assuming its crux. 

The summary of what he was saying is that, Stanley Nsemo isn't qualified to run because he's from Ward 5 in zone 1 and not ward 6 in zone 2. A blatant lie from the pit of hell. It is common knowledge that the family Nsemos are from Calabar municipality Ward 6- their family compound is always a beehive of activities. Papa Nsemo was until recently, the PDP leader of ward 6. The former CRISSA DG was one of the well known faces who mobilised the market women in ward 6 in the last election to vote en mass for the PDP. Maybe, his active participation in the politics of ward 5 in the last election is what the author is trying to capitalise on to mislead the public that he's hails from there but I can assure you that the trick is dead on arrival.

Finally, as an older son of the muncipality who has observed the divisive and pulldown politics of my beloved Local government from afar for so long, it pains me that there seems to be no end in sight, to this trend. Let me use this opportunity to advise the the younger ones in the generation after mine, to stop fighting themselves over non issues. They should utilise this rare opportunity to support the progressive minded young man who has shown so much capacity in such a little time. In his recently released manifesto which I saw online, among other things, Stanley promised to "unite Calabar". I hope that isnt what his detractors are afraid of? A united calabar where Quas, Efiks and Efuts live in togetherness? God bless Calabar municipality. God bless Cross River. God bless Governor Ayade. 

Mike Eyo writes from Asaba and can be reached on michaelndn5@yahoo.com