Monday, 6 January 2020

C'River lawmaker's wife call on citizens to place value on street Children

Barr. Mrs. Joy Njah Mbu-Ogar having a heart to heart talk with the Street Children 

Ukorebi Esien | 3rd January 2020

Barr. Mrs. Joy Njah Mbu-Ogar, wife of a lawmaker in Cross River State has called on Cross Riverians and residents of Cross River State to treat Calabar street Children popularly called "Skolombo" with some sense of value stating that the children are not less important citizens of the society and may one day become leaders of this nation at various strata. 

Mrs Njah who made this known to TDN while embarking on her regular check on the children, is the president and founder of The Finisher's Outreach, a platform aimed at assisting the less privileged in the society. 

Celebrating the new year with the children, the philanthropist advised them to be law abiding and of good behavior, stating that the law won't come after them if they abide by the law. "I want to encourage you people to be hardworking and abide the laws, nobody will come here to arrest you if don't snatch people's bags and valuables". 

"Keep your head, don't cause problem in the street, because the people you maybe pursuing may just be thinking of helping you. There are plans on ground to provide a rehabilitation center you you guys. With time we will send you to acquire skills such as tailoring, mechanic decoration, welding and so on. 

"All I want you people to do is to know that there's God that is thinking of you, no matter how people have condemned you, God has not condemned you. But you mustn't do anything that will cause people to call the police after you. Even me standing before you, I am not more important than you are, the only difference between us is the circumstances that brought you into the street". She advised. 

Mrs. Njah who happens to be wife of a lawmaker, Hon. Chris Njah Mbu-Ogar member representing Etung in the Cross River State House of Assembly said her gesture which is a regular activity on the street Children is borne out of the need to always keep the children happy especially in festive seasons so they won't be tempted to go into stealing and other crimes. 

The activity which saw her visiting several spots where the children are usually found around Calabar metropolis featured sharing of cooked food and drinks, medications to the sick ones among them, sanitary pad to females, as well as counseling and prayer sessions with children. 

While calling on Cross Riverians  and well meaning citizens of Nigerian not to despise the children but rather join The Finisher's Outreach to look for means of getting them out the street, Mrs. Njah revealed that her organization, The Finisher's Outreach is planning to secure a rehabilitation center for the street Children, where they can lay their heads after the day's job of scavenging. She also informed that she plans to return to the street soon to distribute clothes and other amenities to the children, with a grand plan of enrolling most of them in several skills acquisition programs such as tailoring, mechanic, welding, etc.

See video clip of Mrs. Njah's visit to the children

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