Tuesday, 28 January 2020

CRS Ultramodern Processing Factories: Ayade pivoting African economic sustainability


By 2050 farmers will need to produce 70% more food to feed the world. To feed 9.2 billion people, robotic agricultural factories and plant breeding innovations will be crucial in solving the global challenges of food production and Sustainability. 

The agro processing innovation has the potential to increase the subsistence farmer's food production, and help lift them out of hunger and poverty.

The Governor of Cross river state, Ben Ayade, ardour to open window to other African countries and decouple the state merge economy is a frame of mind to "take one's hat off to" through his agricultural ultramodern factories established thus far. 

Ayade, agro processing industry's will play a pivotal role in bringing stability to farmers' incomes, foster the state economy ratio, feed African  brobdingnagian population by way of its food EXPORT as well, as facilitating transfer of technology. 

The Governor Ben Ayade, have several successful industrial projects as alarmed — garment factory, rice mills, calachika factory, cocoa processing factory and seed companies, pharmaceutical factory, among others — where assured procurement of produce helps in elimination of intermediaries and better price realisations for the farmers and consumers across Africa.

The ultramodern factories are installed with high-tech machines to meet food demands also, that will make farming in Cross River State a most prolific venture, gearing young green millionaires in the state, and decoupling cross river state from its over dependence on Federal allocation account committee (FAAC).

Governor Ayade, "dream come true" has taken Cross River State to an era of robotic beginning of the 4th industrial revolution were AI, blockchain, AR, robotics, data science pin's the economic development of a civilized society.

The Governor,  engagement on climate smart agriculture is directly with farmers in the rural settings where the factories are established, to enable peasants farmers gain access unadulterated processing, quality seed and farm storage to trim post harvest lost.  In addition, the pure seeds factory's will raise crop yields and reduce cost of production.

Governor Bengioushuye Benedict Ayade, KSJI, Esq artificial intelligence to promote food security and sufficiency is an oligopolistic growths to cross river state, a pegbox of green economy blaze to feed the geometric population and advance agricultural sustainability in Africa through his agro digitalization pursuit.

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