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Gov. Ayade as a Catalyst Leader: An Appraisal of the CEO in Gov Ben Ayade of Cross River State


In this article as we continue our appraisal of the CEO in Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State, we shall be considering the catalyst nature in him. How well has Governor Ben Ayade been able to encourage goal achievement in members of his cabinet and other appointees of government? 

Its important to remind us that this is a 12 article series collaborative efforts between The Daily News Nig - TDN and Negroidhaven In these editorial series, both news houses will be collaborating in assessing the CEO status of His Excellency the Executive Governor of Cross River, Senator Professor Ben Ayade and this will be done under two broad themes, namely, Leadership and Management. For the records, this is not just an evaluation of the Ben Ayade administration, but a framework for assessing any public office holder as it were especially in Nigeria. The framework of our valuation is published here — And it's called A Framework for Defining and Assessing Public Office Holder's Performance.

Under the leadership category as a broad theme, we have narrowed down our assessment to: 

Supervision measures the ability to guide and direct work methods and roles.

Mentorship measures the ability to train and coach others

Supportive measures ability to Provide recognition and support

Delegation measures ability to delegate authority and responsibility

Role Model
Role model measures ability to serves as a role model

Catalyst measures ability to encourages goal achievement

Today we shall be appraising the governor as a catalyst to his appointees, how well has he encouraged them to achieve organizational goals? 

We all will agree with John C. Maxwell when he said that everything rises and falls on Leadership. The head of every organisation is meant to be a motivator to other members of the organization, he energises them to achieve set goals by achieving his own target. 

According to Cambridge Dictionary, a catalyst is event or person that causes great change, without itself being changed. A catalyst is also said to be a substance that can be added to a reaction to increase the reaction rate without getting consumed in the process. Catalysts typically speed up a reaction by reducing the activation energy or changing the reaction mechanism. 

In what ways have governor Ayade increased reactions towards the development of Cross River State since he took over the CEO position of the state in 2015? 

In his book, The Catalyst Leader Brad Lomenick, a close mentee of John Maxwell shares some unique qualities of a catalyst leader and we shall look at two of those qualities matching them side by side with governor Ben Ayade's actions and inactions as governor of Cross River State. 

Authentic: Brad believes for any leader to be said to be a catalyst leader he must be authentic in his actions and its obvious that there are several actions taken by governor Ben Ayade that can't be said to be authentic. For instance the continuous inhuman treatment meted on Agba Jalingo for exposing certain ills of government and the further use of the word "Humanity" as the theme of the 2019 Carnival Calabar. Obviously the governor's choice of the humanity theme didn't correspond with his inhuman act against Agba Jalingo. It wasn't authentic when matched with his action against a fellow citizen who isn't a criminal or at least had not been so condemned by a competent court of law. 

To further buttress this point, Steven Wanton another great catalyst leader believes that "When a leader acts authentically, plenty of good things happen". He advised leaders to be open, honest and match their actions with your words. Others will trust you. If people trust, then they'll engage". He said. 
If you show up with authenticity, others trust that and then you can marshal people."

Appraising governor as a catalyst based on Wanton explanation of being authentic, one will be forced to ask, how authentic the governor's actions and projects are? For instance while presenting the 2020 appropriation bill before the Cross River State House of Assembly, Governor Ben Ayade disclosed that the various industries and factories he is building in Cross River will for the year 2020 produce a whopping N380 billion into the state coffers to fund his over one trillion naira budget while allocation of plots of lands in the Ayade industrial park will account for about N12 billion of the budget and expected revenue from direct foreign investment is N350billion. 

Even a baby will see that this is not feasible as it obvious even to the blind that no business will under one year of commencement of production begin to make profit within the same year.  In conventional terms it can take two to three years, It's hard to predict the average time for a new business to make a profit, but standard advice is that you should prepare to run your business for three years before you reach that point. 

So who is the governor deceiving when he told Cross Riverians that the all the quasi industries he is building in Cross River State that are yet to be completed or even think of beginning production in the next four years will chunk out a profit of about N380 billion in this same 2020? 

Maybe this is what he discusses with his cabinet during their Executive Council meetings (that do not even hold). Now tell me if the CEO of company keeps deceiving himself and his leaders in this manner how will he act as a catalyst to cause increase reactions that will lead to achievements of organizational goals?

No wonder for five years the Ayade led administration is still struggling to make its mark in a particular niche. The administration came up with the industrialization mantra, but five years gone, Cross Riverians are still waiting to see the industrialization, except for scattered constructions ongoing for five years across the state and there are doubts that any of those constructions will be completed in the next three years. 

Ayade can't boast of a single project, not even a road construction that was conceived and completed by his administration. Not even his signature project. The epileptic superhighway and deep seaport project has suffered a lot of set back because we have a government that is not ready and willing to do the needful. 

Collaborative: According to Brad Lomenick, another great quality of a catalyst leader is his ability to collaborate with others to increase reactions. Governor Ben Ayade seem more like a one man squad among governors in Nigeria. He does not participate nor collaborate with other governors even with governors in the PDP governors forum. A typical example of this his unwillingness to collaborate with the governors of his sisters states of Akwa Ibom and Ebonyi states in the repair of the Calabar - Itu road and the construction of a linking bridge along the Afikpo-Ndibe Beach in Ebom, Abi local Government area of cross river state respectively. 

Its no longer news that governors of both states mentioned above are willing and have severally proposed the collaboration with Governor Ayade but he keeps turning their proposal down on the account that the state has no funds but the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC keep arresting his co-governor of a brother with large amount of monies stolen from the state. 

In summary, I will want to state that governor Ben Ayade can't not be said to be a catalyst leader except for the wrong reasons. I am yet to see any member of the state Executive Council or the State House of Assembly who is yet to admit that Cross River State made a wrong choice in Ayade as it's governor. I think he is just being managed for the time being as even his close allies, supporters, party, even his appointees and supposed godfathers can't wait for 2023, so a true saviour and deliverer can take over from him. 

Remember this is a 12 article series of unbiased appraisal of the CEO in Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State and we focused on his ability to act as a catalyst towards ensuring his cabinet members succeed in their various offices. 

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