Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Dear gov. Ayade...You have derailed, C'River Youth writes an open letter to Ayade

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Dear Gov Ben Ayade, 

I'm a cross river youth. I appreciate your vounting desire to emasculate our political landscape from the duldrums of the past and chat her course for the future with the youths playing a pivotal role.

I commend you for the numerous young people  you have given opportunities to serve in various capasities in your government.

But I think however that you have derailed the focus... As youths, what we need is a shove. An enhancement so that we can go forth to achieve our goals in life. Giving us appointments to join our elderly brothers/sisters who are in need of a lifeline to regain their lost opportunities in life is not what is best for us at this juncture.

What we need are opportunities to expand the horizons of our potentials, not food on the table appointments. 

We need to grow and we need a shove to do so. We've got potentials laying beneath us. What we need from you are youth anchored  policies and effective monitoring of same to improve our chances of clinching success in this morbid society that is rigged against us.

No! Don't give us food on the table appointments. Don't draft us into politics yet, this is our hair day. We need tools to work and discover our strengths and weaknesses. We need to Make mistakes, correct our mistakes, then improve in our individual fields of endeavor.

Then when success finds us, we can be invited to join the government and bring value to government.

Your Excellency, what we need are opportunities to develop, not still birth political careers, but real opportunities for self development.

Yours Always...
Paul Idiga Esq. 

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Another letter or note to the governor reads thus; 


Pls. people whose names have been removed from payroll since September are crying profusely n always going to God's Altar for fervent prayers; beseeching God to touch the indefatigable Governor.

 As I speak to us, some have lost their lives along side with their relatives; bec. they are traumatized, agony,excruciating suffering n hunger etc .H/E, I grew up in your family (maternal), U have been envisaged, trained well with moral ethics n intellectual prowess (U had track record in Govt. SEC SCH. Obudu; that no one has broken till date) ie this passionate gracious concern about the plight of the people has been enshrined in you   from ur birth. 

Pls. politics shouldn't change the divine call(Destines) God has entrusted into  ur hands.(If God blesses a  man; He does so with destines of people attached  to him) Pls. H/E kindly look into the cries of the downtrodden (I'm equally affected as well)God bless u richly as u have a deeper, solemn n Christlike reflection on this critical/sensitive issue. Thanks indeed! 

 Pls. H/E once it is settled ,it will be a big credit to ur personality n posterity (A footprint for generation yet unborn)

Ugbe, Greg. Ashiwel

And she continued in a comment

Idiga Paul Adinya Is  quite disheartening, disgusting,  if u see what families are going through bec.of sudden removal of names from the payroll;  you will cry with blood,I mean cruelty, squalor situations;humanity has turned to beastiality . Pple knees have been on ground praying for God's intervention. I'm very optimistic that God answers prayers. Achebe says."No matter how great is a man ,is not greater than his community "cheers to all.

I sincerely hope these open letters and notes gets to the governor, so he sees and reads what his people are going through. 

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