Thursday, 13 February 2020

Disclaimer: Arrest impostors, ATF charge police, Timber Dealers etc

Arising from a sensitisation meeting with relevant stakeholders in the forestry business, where it was revealed that some members of the public and marshals of the previously disbanded task-force are still posing as working for the new task-force, therfore, the Ant-Deforestation Taskforce has called members of the public to desist from doing business with such persons. 

Accordingly, the Chairman of ATF has in a disclaimer issued yesterday, called on the securities in the state to with I media effect arrest such impostors while admonishing members of the society not to have any dealings with them. 

The circular reads thus: 

Our Ref:  ATF  –  2020/034                          Your Ref…………………………….
 Date:  09-02-2020.


 It  has  come  to  the  attention  of  the  new  Ant-Deforestation  Taskforce  (ATF)  that  some unscrupulous  persons  have  been  parading  themselves  to  the  public  as  working  with  the Taskforce.    It  has  also  been  brought  to  the  knowledge  of  the  new  Taskforce  that  some persons  who  operated  as  MARSHALLS  in  the  former  Taskforce  are  still  making representations  to  the  public  and  masquerading  as  working  for  the  new  Taskforce.   

 The said  persons  have  been  mounting  illegal  checkpoints  along  the  highways  without  due authorization;  pretending  to  be  making  seizures  of  truckloads  of  illegal  timber  with  the sole  intent  of  negotiating  deals  and  releasing  such  truckloads  of  timber  after  collecting monies  from  notorious  illegal  timber dealers.  

Consequently,  the  public  is  hereby  notified,  that  these  persons  are  nothing  but impostors  and  fraud  stars.  Any  person  who  deals  with  the  said  persons  on  matters pertaining  to  the  operations  of  the  Ant-Deforestation  Taskforce  (ATF)  of  Cross  River State,  does  so  at  his  or  her  own  risk.    

The  kind  coorperation  of  the  Nigerian  Police  and all  other  appropriate  security  agencies  of  government  is  hereby  socilited  to  effect  arrest and  prosocute  all  such  defaulters.       Please  kindly  treat  as  important. 

Odey  Oyama 
(Chairman,  Anti  –  Deforestation  Taskforce)