Monday, 24 February 2020

Npower see the 5 things State coordinators are about to do for beneficiaries

All Npower coordinator's of the 36 state nations wide are advice to have a meeting in order to discussed some important issues concerning Npower programme . The Npower beneficiaries will appreciate your leadership if you try this .

1. The Npower coordinators should urgently met with minister of humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and social, Development over the issue of non payments/ delay 

2. The coordinator's should try as much as they can to met with senate president about the issue of exist package/permanency 

3 The coordinator's should beg federal government in order to distribute device for Batch B

4 The coordinators should try as much as possible to met with senates president and beg him to ask FGN in order to increase Stipends from 30k to 55k 

5 The coordinator's should met with Sadiya Umar Faruq to discuss important issues like backlog 

I believed that Npower beneficiaries will be proud with your leadership if try it . 

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