Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Celebration of gov Ayade's endless glories of vanity by David Agabi

Recently (March 7,2020 to be precise), Cross Riverians thronged the prestigious (built by another government) Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, to see Senator Benedict Bengiorshuye Ayade crowned  Independent Newspaper's Governor of the Year.

 As worthy or unworthy(depending on your school of thought) the Award may be, the fundamental question is, is this award a reflection of what is obtainable in Cross River?

Although my understanding with the Holy Book is that we should celebrate with those celebrating and mourn with same. Whereas, my challenge or rather issue with the award is its title:Agro Industrial Development Governor of the Year.

Cross Riverians are not daft to be cajoled into believing what isn't true or real. 
Before I continue, I have a few questions for the Governor, Ben Ayade and his retinue of Aides or rather his political jobbers:
1. What are the Agro Products or Services we are selling or rendering?

2. To what degree or percent is the development in agro industries added to our GDP?

3. How has agro business enhances the living standard of an average Cross Riverians (real enhancement of living standard and not paper work or theories)?

4. If we are really advance in Agro Industries and as well making huge money then why are we constantly seeking consequential approval from the Cross River State House of Assembly for advancement of loan facilities to fund both agric development schemes and other projects?.

Before political jobbers and Association of Ayade is Always Right (ASAAR) claw their fangs, let's delve back a little in history and attempt to pontificate where we're going with Ayade on the driving seat prior to 2015. In his inaugural speech heralding his ascension as the Governor of Cross River State, Ayade made so many promises amongst which was provision of job to all Cross Riverians who may which to work, whereas instead of employing he(Ayade) removed close to 3000 worker from the state's payroll including Science Teachers.

Why should some people celebrate a Governor who to my judgement destroyed the states structure and economy, impoverished the people by superintending over every available means of income generation and livelihood hence chasing small and medium scale businesses away?
Clearly, the vanity behind this celebration is so epochal in view of the lack of direction and purpose.

Permit me to point out a few things that will made any sane person believe that the government is not for the people and shouldn't be celebrated. After screaming and vaporising the phantom Signature Projects- Super Highway, Deep Seaports, Yahe, Ogoja Abuochiche, Obudu Obanliku dual highway, it is so disheartening that in 2017, the Cross River State House of Assembly after carrying out an Oversight function road which cuts across the five local governments of Northern Cross River, discovered that N9 billion was already expended even as the road wasn't been asphalted.

Even as so much has been borrowed: October 2019, Cross River State House of Assembly grants approval of one billion, five hundred and nineteen million, eight hundred and eighty four thousand eight hundred and seventy eight naira eighty six kobo (1,519,884,078.86) being a loan facility from Zenith bank. 

November 2019, the House granted consequential approval for a loan facility in the sum of 3 billion from Zenith bank to fund commercial agricultural credit scheme. In February 2020 alone the House granted approval for a loan in the sum of 35 billion to finance development projects among others.

The question is, how visible are this infrastructure and how much are they yielding to the state coffers?  
It is very unfortunate to have  found ourselves in this situation, our future and that of our children have been mortgage while others are busy celebrating.