Monday, 23 March 2020

Ekpo Okon takes on Ayade; you won't believe what he said .

Ukorebi Esien | 23rd March 2020 

Ntufam, Ekpo Okon, Deputy Governorship candidate under APC in the recently concluded Gubernatorial election in Cross River State dealt big blow on Ayade, the sitting governor of the state.

Ekpo, who was responding to a social media post lamented the level of Sycophancy amongst young persons and adults alike, stating that Sycophancy has shrouded governance in the state. Ekpo further explained that the present government in the state is self seeking, naming its almost little deeds after himself. 

He further compared the present administration with previous ones which he said the governor's in previous administration were much younger when they assumed power and leadership but outperformed the current governor with less noise as compared to the uproar experienced daily under the Ayade's led government. 

His Words: 

"The childishness that abound today in governance of our state is sickening. Unfortunately, people who are in the fringe of 50 years of age now parade as youths. Haba, checkout 1999 team and you will find out that majority of them were in their 30s. Yet, they saw themselves as adults who have been called upon to serve and not cheer leaders that we find today. We have records  in our state.. Chief Clement Ebri celebrated 40th birthday as a sitting governor,  Donald Duke was governor at 37years, Liyel Imoke , after serving as Senator, presidential Adviser, Minister, became governor at 45years. At what age did Ayade become governor that the leadership of our state is being debased in the name of youthfulness? I will address the current  song of industrialisation at an appropriate time."

"... My worry about the level of sycophancy which has now shrouded governance in our state is that unfortunately  everything is personalised. Imoke 's administration built the Jonathan Bypass, CICC and many rural projects. None was labeled with Imoke. Same with Duke's administration." Ette Ekpo Concluded.