Sunday, 15 March 2020



On birthday's people celebrate themselves, but only people who have impacted the lives of people, who have solved problems, who have remained a role model to the young (and old) generation like you are celebrated. We join family, friends, colleagues, the state and the world in general to celebrating a man who gives hope to people at hopeless situations and times.

We celebrate, a man who has evolved to become the face of modern day legislature in Cross River State, even his critics agrees to that. We celebrate a man who esteems family above material possessions, and greatly values life.

We celebrate the new face of Adadama politics, a trail blazer, and an epitome of excellence and intelligence.

Today we celebrate a man who has given self to personal, academic, political development.
A man who values knowledge than pleasure. A man who invest so much in his future and that of the people around him, at the expense of personal pleasure. We celebrate a father to contemporary day Adadama politics, a strong believer in rule of law, a diplomatic leader, a life coach to many, and a motivational speaker.

We celebrate a man who we and so many others believe in his vision, and without any external fuelling are still bent on walking the walk with, because of his visionary leadership prowess and intellectual capabilities. 

A man who has alleviated the suffering and plight of his people, he has built bridges through which so many people have been educated via his scholarship, grants and support systems, a man who is the husband to Abi widows, a father to orphans in Abi, an architect of models through which health care facilities have received a face lift, and his people have access to better medical services.

A man whose love for life, has ensured a pure, steady availability of the most essential commodity of life which is WATER to his constituents.

A man whose love for local content has amplified and metamorphosed the Abi local festivals to a tourist attractions to government and international organizations, where pageantry winners are recognized and esteemed.

A model, to once hopeless and visionless youths, a leverage to most successful people in his community. 

Our wish for you is that as you blow the candles, May God continually give you the needed wisdom and knowledge needed for making sound laws, the ability to lead us aright, that God continue to make you a loving father to your children and a darling husband to your wife and a life coach to many.

We want you to know that so many people are believing in you, and have become your followers, at the expense of riches, glory, position and influence all because you have made them see the future through your eyes. We wish to also remind you that, a selfless life for the people, is the only guarantee to your desired result and would exalt you among your peers and colleagues and equals.

The fastest way to rise, is when people raise you up and the only way to get raised, is when you raise the helpless, those who obviously can't repay you, then you forever make them indebted to you. Which is redeemable when you most need it.

Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rt. Hon John Gaul Lebo, the immediate past Speaker Cross River State House of Assembly.
Keep basking in the euphoria of God's love, Grace, favour and joy. We love you.

It is ending in Praise.

Victor Adaha
Coalition of Abi Young Professionals (CYP).