Saturday, 14 March 2020

I was not elected to fight the governor, but to make laws — Speaker, CRSHA

Rt. Hon. Eteng Jones Williams,
Speaker, CRSHA


In a recent interview with  Beatrice Akpala in the program Inside Cross River, the Speaker, of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Eteng Jones Williams, has said that he and members of the 9th Assembly were not elected to fight the Executives but to make laws. Stating that fighting the executive will only lead to suffering of the masses.

According to him, "All over the legislature they say we are rubber stamp. Most people use the rubber stamp not because they mean it, because they feel you should have your hand gloves and buttons two-four-seven fighting the executive. But when you fight the executives your people suffer, we have the money, and they have the capacity and everything. Your people will suffer".

Eteng affirmed that, "I was not elected to come and fight, I was elected to come and make laws and for the well-being of the people. I should use every other methods including lobbying to bring and to provide relief to my people but when you come here to fight, it is difficult because they say: when two Elephants fight the grass will suffer. So, why will you come here to fight when at the end of the day you will still go and resolve that matter on the table? So dialogue is the best answer."

Furthermore, he said: "For the Government of Ayade, we have done really well. We are working with a very lean resources, that is why I feel the man is a magician and when he talks about the intellectual money, I can confirm we are really using intellectual money to do a lot of projects in every Local Government. Every Local Government has something to show.

"Apart from that, setting up industries for tomorrow. That is why I'm of the opinion that we must privatize these industries if not, if this Government leaves and another one comes, if their cardinal programs or project is not industrialization we will be in trouble." He concluded.