Sunday, 8 March 2020

More revelations trails justice Ikpeme's none confirmation as CJ of C'River

Developing Story 

As Cross Riverians and Nigerians alike try had to understand and accept the effect and consequences of Justice Ikpeme's rejection by the Cross River State House of Assembly, more revealations as to what could possibly be the reason(s) behind her rejection by the lawmakers have emerged. 

According to a post made on Facebook by Barr. Eyo Ekpo, a one time Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Cross River State, lies have been concocted by some persons and sold to both the lawmakers and the public and he believes the lawmakers must have acted based on this lies.

Hear him out: 

I've just been told that someone named Emma Oteh has made allegations that in 2001 Governor Donald Duke wilfully imposed Justice Dorothy Eyamba-Idem as Chief Judge of Cross River State over a more-qualified and more senior Justice Walter Uke (who happens to hail from Obudu). Mr. Emma Oteh claims that I was the Attorney-General of the State when this terrible thing was done. In other words, the vicious attack on Justice Akon Ikpeme has its precedent in a similar action by Governor Donald Duke 19 years ago and I was part of that alleged dastardly act.                                                                                                                        
In the first place, I was Attorney-General of our State from 14 August 2003 to 29 May 2007, not 2001 when Justice Eyamba-Idem became CJ. She was CJ all through my tenure as AG and continued as such well past Governor Duke's tenure into that of Governor Liyel Imoke. 

More importantly, Governor Duke never did any such thing as Mr. Oteh now claims...simply because at no time whatsoever was Justice Walter Uke senior to Justice Dorothy Eyamba-Idem - whether as lawyers or as Judges of the High Court of Cross River State. These are matters of fact and historical record, not opinion.                                                                                 

I don't know any person named Emma Oteh and have probably never met him before. If he is on FB , he should have tagged me. He did not, so can someone who has seen this post kindly share it with me. I'm beginning to wonder if this lie is not at the foundation of Justice Ikpeme's unwarranted ordeal at the hands of both the Governor and the House of Assembly. 

Someone please share this post, so I can respond to it comprehensively.