Sunday, 22 March 2020

Npower Device: Notice To All Beneficiaries Concerning The Types Of Npower Device

As soon as Npower device is ready the Npower 2017 Batch B beneficiaries will rush and visit their NPVN profile dashboard to make their choice selection of the types of Npower Tablet .

The federal government of Nigeria has bring Npower programme in to existence since 2016 for the good intention of providing job in the country . The programme was highly recommended by the president Muhammad Buhari of the federal republic of Nigeria as 30000 Nira is paid as a monthly stipend as well as electronic device which enable Npower beneficiaries to get more assistance while working in their place of primary Assignment .

However, The 2016 Npower beneficiaries of Batch A has collected their device and the Npower beneficiaries from Batch B 2017 will also collect their own once the device is available we believed that the federal government will do everything possible to distribute the device for Npower 2017 beneficiaries.

Thus , there is important notice to all batch B Npower beneficiaries as we will list the types of Npower device .

Despite the fact that HP

was latter dropped due to technical issue but Npower 2017 can select the following device:

1.Samsung Npower device Tablet

2.Npower device RLG Tablet

3. Zinox Zpad Tablet

4. Floss Signature Npower Device tablet

5. Brian Npower Device ipad 1

6. Tecno Pad

7. Speed star Windows tablet

8 Afrone 2-In-1

Therefore ,once the Npower Device is available the Npower will communicate the beneficiaries to visit their NPVN profile for the selection of one of the above mentioned device.

God bless Nigeria