Thursday, 12 March 2020

See what John Gaul will be doing as Special Envoy to the Gulf of Guinea

Local Story 

The news that former speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Barr. John Gaul Lebo came as a surprise to many. 

What was even more surprising was the designation assigned to him - Special Envoy to the Gulf of Guinea.  

Many have been concerned as to what his job description and responsibility will be as this as caused a stir in the cross river cyber space. 

Princewill Odidi, an Antlata based Cross Riverian with special interest in development work and nation building, had this to say:  

On Special Envoy Gulf of Guinea. 

Having served as House Speaker where certain legislation was enacted on the Gulf of Guinea, John Gaul Lebo in accepting to serve in the capacity as Special Envoy to the Government of Cross River State is very commendable. The Gulf of Guinea is actually an Economy within a specified region and Speaker Lebo has the mandate to bring to life what he legislated upon some months ago. 

It should be mentioned here that in an attempt to open the international trade corridor in Calabeen , the state Governor got the president's approval to create convergence in Calabar as a municipal center for the Gulf of Guinea commission which John Gaul will oversee its operations. 

The idea is to domesticate international economic Law treatise on the Gulf of Guinea commission working with the National Assembly. 
2. Domesticate the same bills across the 9 littoral states in Nigeria including CRS. 
3. Create an Economic Development Zone for the Gulf of Guinea in Calabar through the Calabar free trade zone. 
4. Facilitate the development of the Gulf of Guinea Economy and business activities in CRS as a municipal center for Nigeria addressing Issues such as
Maritime security 
Joint development of gas resources 
Free Trade zone among  GOG 
Commodity Control and Technology and innovation within the Gulf.

No better person has the capacity to bring these ideas to life than the man who participated in the initial legislation, Join me to congratulate my good friend John Gaul Lebo for his decision to join the Executive Arm and accepting the appointment as Special Envoy on the Gulf of Guinea. Congratulations

In like manner the media and publicity aide of John Gaul's Campaign Organisation, Endurance Onun in an attempt to clear the air as to what his boss will be doing with his new assignment made the following statements in what seems like a press release. 

Appointment Of Rt. Hon. John Gaul As CRS Special Envoy To The Gulf Of Guinea:

...the open society and its enemies - the John Gaul Lebo case scenario.

"Where the box of opportunity is exhausted, it is best not to create another box, but to navigate to space where no box exists and where few have the sector-specific intelligence and sense of awareness to appreciate the value of opportunities," Rt. Hon. John Gaul.

With a background on International Economic Law and further training at Lagos Business School, Johannesburg Business School, MIT Sloan program and Harvard University where he trained in Decision science, Gaul is very experienced and exceptional in Strategic Management. 

The Gulf of Guinea Commission (GOG-C) has always been an area of interest to Gaul, he has visited the Sao Tome and Principe Joint Development Zone several and explored several opportunities. 

As speaker CRS-HOA, he domesticated several legislations to further develop the Gulf of Guinea Economy in CRS. Such bills as;
1. CRS Wharf Landing Law.
2. CRS Inland Waterways Agency Law.
3. CRS Waterfront Infrastructure And Development Law.
4. CRS Commodity Control Law 
5. CRS Produce And Processing Law. 

However, at the national and international economic law space, a lot more is required to ratify and domesticate treatise and laws to enable the full potentials of the Gulf of Guinea Economy to manifest in CRS as a sub municipal center to facilitate the activities of the Gulf of Guinea commission in Nigeria through Calabar.

Already, four embassies within the Gulf of Guinea Commission have established Diplomatic and Economic Missions preparatory to warehouse the manifestation of the Gulf Economy, they are; Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe, Cameroun and Equatorial Guinea. 

There is a current need for a Regional Business  Roundtable on investment promotion anchoring with the Gulf of Guinea Commission and the Calabar Free Trade Zone (CFTZ). 

The quality and volume of opportunities that can be created for the CRS Economy under the Gulf of Guinea Commission can only be extracted through A savvy and Box Office Brand of intellect that Gaul can seamlessly bring to the table. 

It is upon this notice that we tag his appointment as CRS Special Envoy To the Gulf of Guinea as both a referral and an opportunity.

The Gulf of Guinea commission GOG-C is an idea that is neither in the ready-made Box of opportunities but is found in a Recovery Space where no Box exists. 

What is required here is a design thinking model different from a typical repetitive intelligence. The emergence of an open society has created its own enemies and the best way to upscale in this society is to create a convergence space to add value to society. 

Indeed a lot of people do not even know about the Gulf of Guinea Commission, the geographical relevance of Calabar to the Gulf and the fact that the commission currently has 9 member countries and President Buhari is the current chairman of the GOG. 

"The heart knows what it wants"!
This is a task very few people (including) critics really understand what is involved. But as usual, a lot of people will prefer to condemn rather than research or ask a question, it is expected.

We sincerely want to thank His Excellency, Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade, KSJ for conferring on our principal this uncommon responsibility as a Special Envoy to the Gulf of Guinea Commission (GOG-C). Thank you, Your Excellency!

Mazi Endurance On
Director of Media and Publicity
Rt. Hon. John Gaul Campaign
Organization (Team New Direction)