Friday, 27 March 2020

Taskforce on COVID-19 begin clampdown on churches still gathering


The newly innuagurated Cross River State Taskforce on COVID-19 have immediately swung into action to enforce the ban on gathering of more than 5 persons as directed by His Excellency the Executive Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, as part of the state's measures to combat the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. 

The Taskforce got a call last night that a church, known as The Lord our Righteousness Christian Mission had gathered a large crowd, holding its Miracle Service along Ekai Efa road, in Calabar. 

The COVID19 Taskforce immediately swung into action got to the venue and ensured the service was shutdown and the gathering dispersed. 

Speaking with the convener and General Overseer of the Church, Rev. Paul Sunday, he informed TDN that he wasn't aware that they was a ban on religious gathering in the state due to Coronavirus. 

Rev. Sunday who insisted that the dread for Coronavirus shouldn't make people run away from God but run closer to God for help, however said he will obey scriptures by obeying constituted authority and shutdown his church services till whenever the situation is put under control. 

His words: 
"I think God is superior in everything, but what they should do, Coronavirus should not scare way people from God but rather should make people come closer to God and pray to God." He noted. 

"In 2nd Chronicles 7:14 it said if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and forsake their evil ways, only then, will I hear from heaven, I will forgive their sins and heal their land." He quotes. 

Continuing, Rev. Sunday said, "So we believe that whatever things has come up is because of God and so we should go back to God in prayers, cry to him, show humbleness, humility and tell him we are sorry. God has all it takes to heal the land that's my beleive and so conavirus should not make us to run from God rather we should run closer to God and pray. 

That is why I have close down the church, because  the enforcement have come, they have interrupted the service and the Bible said we should obey constituted authorities. But I believe memos where suposed to have been distributed so some of us who don't have time to listen to radio will know that we weren't supposed to meet. 

But now that the authorities have come, we will stay off gathering till when everything is resolved." He concluded. 

The team lead of the Taskforce team mobilized to shutdown the church service, Supol Ayaya, who said they got a call from a concern citizen about the church gathering and immediately swung into action, informed TDN that they didn't find it difficult to disperse the gathering as the pastor corporated with them.