Wednesday, 11 March 2020

There will only be Peace if our resolution is met - Igwo community tells C'River state Govt.

In a bid to bring Peace to the Igwo community of Obudu Local government, Hon Godwin Akwaji alongside The Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Treasury /Audit, Sam Atsu, on a two day Visit, met with the community members to listen to their views and also assure them of the Support of His Excellency Sen Ben Ayade in ensuring the right thing is done in bringing about peace to the community.

The Crisis started as a result of the wrongful payment of compensations as members of the community complained that the money given to them wasn't much and they didn't see the list.

David Ugah, the National President, Igwo development aasociation spoke on the visit by representatives of His Excellency, stating that it was the association that came up with the idea of reconvening the community after the crisis, the association also pulled the community together to see the way forward.

 During the interactions, the community had the chance to express their disillusionment with the activities of those who are meant to rule the community. The community also took a resolution which they presented to Hon Godwin Akwaji.

Mr David Ujah in his words stated "I think if those resolutions and suggestions that have been made are implemented to the later, it will bring near permanent peace back to the community"

He appealed to the government to ensure the right thing is done as per evaluation and monies to be paid should be clearly indicated and displayed for members of the community to see and also object if there is any issues so that when all this containing issues are resolved it will be easy for government to pay and for the community to accept the project hook, line and sinker and also support the government to carry out the project.

The Senior Special Adviser on Treasury/Audit, Sam Atsu who was also present to support the visit of Hon Godwin Akwaji was saddened by the state in which the community has found itself, and could feel every bit of their pain as a fellow son of the soil.

Speaking on the Visit, Mr Atsu thanked Professor Ben Ayade for sending a Honorable House member to intervene. He also disclosed that Hon Akwaji's visit is a welcomed one. He further hope that the resolution which has been handed over to Hon Godwin be looked into, and above all each and every community within Cross River state should pursue the cause of Peace, whether as a result of Land, or anything other thing. Stating that communities should strive to promote peace, because without peace you cannot have developments in the community or bring in investments.

He further disclosed that it is  quite an encouraging day for the Igwo community and believes that the government will see it fit to take the appropriate measures to ensure that the project embarked upon Is continued and the community is basically carried along.

Mr Atsu alongside  The Chairman Internal Revnue, Akpanke Ogar went on to have one on one discussions with the youths, women, the church leaders of Assemblies of God and Catholic Church on the need to embrace peace.

 To further show their confidence In the Senior Special Adviser, the PDP family in the village gathered and voted Mr Sam Atsu as their Party leader.