Thursday, 30 April 2020

Ayade Deserves Commendation and not Blackmail From NCDC And It's Leadership

Solomon Asha | 29 April 2020

The outbreak of the man-made virus known as Coronavirus and code named, COVID-19 traced to Wuhan China late last year and found it way to NIgeria on February 27,2020 through an Italian worker who returned from Milan, Italy two days earlier, undoubtedly exposed the selfishness and high level hypocrisy of some of African leaders at various levels and some Nigerian leaders and politicians in particular.

Yes, some of our leaders have proven by their words and actions that they can mortgage without an aota conscience, their entire people even their own communities and parents when it come carrying out godless activities and doing the biddings of the powerful nation's for pecuinary reasons and self-aggrandizement.

As at April 29, 2020 according to the NCDC report, the figures of Coronavirus cases have risen from the initial one in February 27 this this year to 1728 with 307 discharged and 51 deaths across the country with the exception Cross River and Kogi states have continue to maintain clean slate up to the time of writing this piece.

The continuous clean slate from COVID-19 pandemic infestation by Cross River State and Kogi state does not seem to go down well with the leadership of the NIgeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and has indeed upset the psychology and the targeted figures from Nigeria which the NCDC boss and his team have promised the federal government and the World Health Organization (WHO) and any other individual, individuals or Organizations that have hitherto predicted doom for Africa as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recent statement credited to the NCDC Director General, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, alleging that two possible conclusions can be drawn from the states that are yet to record any case of Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Ihekweazu, faulty conclusion is that, it is either that the states involved, including Cross River State are either so negligent in searching and tracing cases for recording and treatment or that those states are simply hiding the cases within their state's boundaries.

As far as this writer is concerned, there can be no statement so outrageous, full of betrayal of the common will of the people and opportunistic and barbaric in the highest order.

This writer have just few questions for the NCDC Director General. Nigerians as well as I want to know whose interest is Dr. Ihekweazu serving, is it that of the people of Nigerians or his own self-seeking interest and the people he is working for? Does foreign grants that come in hard currency as the result of COVID-19 or any other diseases more important than lives of Nigerians?

Would it have been better and ana palatable news for the NCDC boss if Nigerians we're walking and dropping dead on the streets as Bill Gate and his wife Melinda, predicted for Africa andew.weeks back, or is he looking for a way to work toward achieving that Bill Gate and his wife hellish prediction and wish for Nigeria and Africa?

Does the NCDC earmarked a number of deaths from COVID-19 and number of cases to be recorded across the entire 36 states and Abuja before he can be satisfied and then congratutes every State Governor for a job well done?

Again, with the vast experience of the NCDC Direct General, the many eyes and ears of the traditional and Social/ New Media, would it have been possible for the Governor Ben Ayade in particular to hide any case or cases of Coronavirus infestations among the populace in the state.

If the Director General of NCDC is so worry about the none recording of COVID-19 case in Cross River State and presently in Kogi state as it stands, would it be logically sound to infer from Dr. Ihekweazu's two premises argument and draw a conclusion that if the Coronavirus status of Cross River and Kogi states remain the same he will possibly employ means to mess the clean slate of the states through assigning fictitious figures? These questions are begging for answer from the NCDC Director General.

With emphasis on Cross River State in particular, this writer will want to once again restate the fact that our state has so far remain free of the dreaded global pandemic, COVID-19, first due to the mercies of God and secondly to the vibrant, pragmatic and smart way in which the leadership of Sen Prof Ben Ayade approaches the pandemic by moving.with the wisdom of King Solomon to protect his people and prevent the scourge from having a strong hold in the state.

Ayade handling of the COVID-19 with divinely bestowed intelligent and wisdom leading to no record of any case in Cross River State has won him and the state praises from across individuals Organizations amd the media.

No one can fault the approach of the governor in tackling the global pandemic, and approach and intelligent method which rather lockout instead of lockdown.

The approach which has helped to oil the state economy going on gradually inspite of devastating effect of the pandemic on global economy in general and Nigeria in particular with the drastic fall of crude oil in the world market.

Ayade has wisely shown that something positive can be gotten from a bad situation that would have created a lot of dispair among the people and the youths in particular when he acted like a see and came up with 8000 jobs in agriculture, Environment, security and health to keep the youths engaged at this period of difficulties and to maintain the social and economic equilibrium in the state.

The Cross River State Govermor is not only interested in the well being of the people of Cross River State but is equally concerned with his brothers and sisters in other states suffering from the pandemic as just few days ago the govermor donated one million face masks to the government and people of Kano state who of recent have become one of the epic centres of dreadful pandemic in Nigeria.

This writer want to appeal to the federal government to give out sufficient funds to the states and their COVID-19 Committees to manage the pandemic at the state levels following NCDC, Federal Government and WHO directives.

It is expected that the crushing and total bring to it's knee the COVID-19 should be the goal of every citizen, irrespective of any one stands to gain if the pandemic continue to prevail in numbers of cases and deaths in the country and the world.

Rather than castigating and endeavouring to blackmail Ayade for the state continuous maintenance of clean record again COVID-19, the leadership of NCDC and the federal government should bring Ayade closer to help proffer solution to the deadly pandemic, which will go a long way to help other African countries and the world at large.

Governor Ben Ayade possesses some tips on how we can secure a thorough defeat against Coronavirus which the NCDC and the federal government use for the good of all citizens.

Instead of antagonizing the Cross River State Governor for maintaining a clean bill in the battle against COVID-19 so far, even when it is so lucid that cases of presence of the pandemic cannot be hidden, just as a lacklustre attitude towards searching and bringing out cases of infestation cannot shield or stop it from rearing its deadly head, the NCDC should rather commend Ayade for his wonderful work and fight against the global pandemic so far.

Truly, Ayade deserves high pitch commendation and not condemnation and blackmail from Nigerian disease control body, the NCDC and all Nigerians. If NCDC expects the governor of Cross River to fabricate COVID-19 cases and death figures to sarify the whims and caprices them and those who produced the deadly pandemic to kill angreater part of the world population, they will be disappointed because the state will never bring out unreal cases to impress anybody.

Nigerians are daily becoming suspicious of the  the manner in which Kano state that some days back was not among the top COVID-19 infested states has suddenly become one. Just today as I was writing this Article, report has it that vigilant security operatives uncovered attempt by a heavy duty vehicle carrying animals in which human beings concealed themselves and was heading from Kano to Kaduna. The whole thing smell of a rat, a rotten, devillish rat indeed.

It is equally so sad that NCDC and it's leadership that is doubting the credibility of the current clean bill of Cross River State in the aspect of the global pandemic could give out only 50 testing kits to a state with the population of over 4.5million people; indeed, Cross River deserves more than this, the right thing should be done by the NCDC.

Finally, this writer is more than confident that the owner of the universe, God Almighty the Eternal Father is fully aware of the machinations of evil men and women against the children of God in this world and their attempt to preempt God and push forward the end time, surely God is watching and laughing at them because it is Him who at the end has the final say and will win the final battle between the forces of good and evil, light and darkness.

God bless and keep us safe.