Friday, 10 April 2020

Covid19 relief Fund, is another deception designed to enrich a few politicians — Expert

A Development expertise and many years of experience based in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America, Mr. Princewill Odidi has faulted the Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme of the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

Odidi, a Nigerian of Cross River state descent, said the Worlbank counterpart funded scheme has been designed by the Federal government to enrich politicians and their cronies. 

In his Facebook, post of Thurday, 9th April, 2020 Odidi made the following claims; 

You can deceive the people sometimes, you cannot deceive them all the time. The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the grand deception called government. For FGN to rely on a world bank sponsored cash transfer model to distribute cash to poor Nigerians is outright deception. 

A few years ago when this cash transfer registered was being developed we overlooked a lot of things because it was meant to be an experiment. Yes, you heard me well, it was meant to be an experiment. I remember then, the majority of the names in some states came from a single village and we had so many duplicate and fake accounts because the list was hurriedly drawn. 

Most names on that list are not poor at all. For the FGN to fall back on this list to distribute cash transfer to the poorest Nigerians is pure deception. When they tell you it is a world bank list don't be deceived by that. The list was produced by the national directorate of employment on an SPV world bank sponsored project with the finance ministry. This is not third party information I am giving you, I was directly involved with the YESSO initiative years back. 

Conditional cash transfer is another deception designed to enrich a few politicians in the corridor of power. You cannot use an experimental model that captured just a few villages as a national database to implement social support initiatives from the government. If FGN needs to empower poor Nigerians they know exactly what to do, but unfortunately, they will not.

The question now is, how did the FG generate the names in the single social register most states are relying on to distribute this money?

How sincere is the FG in the disbursement of the said covid19 relief fund?