Friday, 10 April 2020

"Dear Ayade, I have chosen to be your friend" Joseph Odok writes Ayade

Amidst the trending video of Ojy Opke and co on Arise TV mocking governor Ayade's position on No Mask,  No Movement, a strong critic of the governor, Barr Joseph Odok haswriten a heart felt letter to his excellency, the governor of Cross River state, sen. Prof. Ben Ayade.

The letter reads thus:

Arise TV jetisons my Governor Prof. Ayade on his statement that downplayed on Social Distancing

Dear Governor Ayade, I have chosen to be your friend despite the many times I have been persecuted by your government for speaking truth to power

When I saw your comment discouraging social distancing in preference for your policy of "no mask no movement", I could not make a conclusion. I wanted to be better informed by experts in other to be careful not to be on the side of error in my conclusions. In your video where you stated that one gets adequately protected by wearing nose mask, you did not hide the fact that you are a Professor of Science, I rather gave you a benefit of doubt without running into any conclusion because I am not a scientists and will never claim to be one. I am a philosopher, critic, social Change Agent and a lawyer and not a scientist like you

Today Arise TV have  spoken to clear my doubts. After comparing your submissions with that of experts especially from WHO, I tend to believe they are unbiased in their submission. They have held that nose mask gives only a minimal protection from Corvid 19. This in their explanation is because one can get infested of the Covid 19 pandemic from the eyes, nose, ears and some other parts of the body. I tend to be convinced that their submissions is more accurate because it agrees with what Covid 19 experts and WHO have told us especially in this critical time

Dear Gov Ayade, the whole world is encouraging social distancing, your policy on "no mask no movement' has implications of insinuations that you are encouraging movements and gathering of people in as far as they wear a nose mask. My digital Governor, please let's continue to pray that nobody in CRS gets infested with Corvid 19 because the language of the Arise TV already shows a disposition to laugh at your submissions as a Professor of science.  They have also outrightly inferred (rightly or wrongly) that you are endangering your subjects with misinformation on Corvid 19 to market nose mask produced by your brain child CRS Garment Factory

 I believe you could  be wrong,  you could actually be wrong because you are only an expert in science not a specialist in medicine or Covid 19. Dear Governor, please, make a new Press Release and correct your misinformation and also fine-tune your policy of "no mask no movement" that is proven to be built on ignorance of the medics of Covid 19. Please consult more experts advise especially from the WHO to help you fine-tune your policy on how to tackle Covid 19 pandemic. 

I think Arise TV may have gone too far to insinuate that your policy of 'no mask no movement' may have been built on your desire to promote the garment factory at the expense of the lives of our people. I know you have good intentions and call you to correct yourself to avoid misunderstanding by the world.

It is my love for the life of my people that makes me call you to order. I truly want the best from you. Do not misunderstand my good intentions for you as you have always done before. Together let's build CRS with the help of every person of good will; so that posterity will judge us by writing our names on the sand of gold.

His Excellency, find time to watch this video, take steps to consult with experts on Corvid 19 and correct where you got it wrong where necessary

My dear Governor, your critics love you more than your praise singers. They tell you the truth while your praise singers clap for you even when you are obviously wrong. Instead of getting angry with critics like me to the extent of incarcerating me, please accept my good intentions for the state even when we don't agree on matters of policy

My warmest regards to you as I continue to pray that you succeed in the remaining 3 years of your administration. I write not to discredit your administration but to help your government get it right. To be fair to you, you have made some costly mistakes but you can still get it right.

Joseph Odok PhD Esq
Social Change Agent

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