Friday, 10 April 2020

Facemask and Social Distancing: Did Gov Ayade really goof? "See how Arise News rubbished him"

Over the week the governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade flagged off the No Mask, No Movement Campaign in the state as part of his strategy to curb the spread of the COVID 19 virus in the state. 

The governor who had earlier placed a ban on movement into and out of the state by locking down the state's borders said these measures were necessary owing to the fact that the state is surrounded by states and countries with recorded cases of the virus. Therefore it was imperative to close the state's borders to avoid entry of the virus into the state. 

Ayade is quoted to have said: 
"Because I'm a professor of science and I know how this virus moves; I know its etiology, I know it transmissibility, I know its antigenicity; because I do, I know that once you put on this mask, you already have been protected. 

"You don't need social distancing when you are properly protected because your mucal glands that secrets the mucus and the musins already forms a network of coats to attack the virus."

In it's early morning show, called Trending with Orjy Okpe, Arise News took on the governor while analysing the governor's statement on face mask and social distancing.

Watch the video here; 

Although one of the governor's numerous media aides, Egbelo Edward Ntebri has stood up to his defense when he posted on his social media timeline saying "Some people don’t even know the use of nose masks. If you know the use, you will understand the Governor’s point"