Monday, 13 April 2020

Former pastor's wife opens cans of worm over Uyo married women and politicians


A lady identified as Arab money aka reserved Gold has sparked up series of online videos on social media that has led to grave revealation of immoral acts of Uyo politicians and married women

It all started last week when the said lady shared a video online where she warned a married woman (name not mentioned) to stay off her tract if not she would reveal her identity. In the video she went on to reveal how Uyo married women are sleeping with politicians for money and favors or political appointments. 

The video that has since gone viral might have instigated one Blessing Ossom, an APC house of Assembly candidate in the 2019 general elections to also share her own experience via an online video. In her video, Blessing supported Arab Money's claim of promiscuity on rampage in Uyo, but revealed that it is caused by hunger in the land.

She further claimed that the state governor, Udom Emmanuel is not generous with money, thus there's hunger in the land and citizens are dying of hunger, even politicians are not given better welfare. This has led to their wives sleeping around to fend for their families. 

As a way of refurtal, one Emmanuel Owuala (an alledged appointment seeker) was also provoked to share his own video where he warned  Blessing Ossom to desist from abusing the state governor. In the process hr revealed how the former governor of Akwa Ibom state embezzled millions of naira meant for projects and how Udom the sitting governor is covering him up against EFCC. 

Futhermore, Emmanuel, pupolarly called Emma Solution called Blessing an international prostitute who made her money and way through politics by sleeping around. 

Subsequently, One Da Zion Umoh shared his own video where he strictly warned Emma Solution to stay off Blessing Ossom's track. Asking him why he would abuse Blessing for telling the truth? Umoh, affirmed that truly there's hungry in the land and the governor should do something about it. 

He accused Emma Solution of seeking for appointment from the state governor thus his unwarranted attack on Blessing. Umoh went further to reveal that Emma is originally not from Akwa Ibom state. Rather he is from Abia state where his father was excommunicated for stealing and they relocated to Akwa Ibom state. 

He swore that over his dead body will he live to see Emma gets an Appointment when bornafide indigenes are yet to be appointed. 

Also in a repraisal attack on Emma Solution, Blessing Ossom shared a post about Emma Solution's wife where she claims that she is sleeping with the vice Chairman of Uyo Local government Area and that the two children she has in her matrimonial home are not Emma's own but the Vice Chairman. A claim wish she said Emma is aware of. 

These series of videos have sparked up several discussions on social media with many calling on all parties to calm down and drop arms for peace to settle . 

Many have heaped the blame on the Stay at Home order of the government as idleness have given people ample time to play around. 

Here is the link to a compilation of all the videos.