Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Npower beneficiaries may receive N50000 as March allowance

As coronavirus disease (COVID-19) takes lives and slams economies, there is debate for Npower beneficiaries in Nigeria about whether the measures taken to give N20000 each to the poorer in Nigeria will also be given to Npower beneficiaries as additional stipend to stay calm at Home?

Indeed, it has extremely show that Npower beneficiaries may received N50000 on this month as the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and social Development is working tirelessly to pay all Npower beneficiaries 30000 Nairas of Mach stipend, on this month and addition of N20000 may be given to all Npower beneficiaries in Nigeria due to the fact that Pandemic disease has caused many Nigerians to stay at home in Nigeria.

However, the good news for Npower beneficiaries is that as the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development is ready to pay March stipend very soon, there are higher hope which show that the Federal government of Nigeria will also give 20000 Nairas each to poorer in Nigeria . The payment may commence on this month and Npower beneficiaries may benefit with this kind of welcomed development which Federal government is planing to do in Nigeria just to reduce pain and poverty in Nigeria .

In fact, even while recognizing that the March payment was delay but the Npower beneficiaries will hope to receive addition of 20000 Nairas from the federal government as the measures is highly needed to stay safe at home in order to fight COVID-19 from Nigeria.

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