Sunday, 12 April 2020

Stay at Home: Our husbands are killing us with excessive s*x Ghanaian woman cries out

Ghana women have called on President Nana to call off stay at home because of excessive conjugal demands from their husbands

In a viral video circulating on social media, an unidentified lady who spoke in one of the Ghanian languages pleading on behalf of all Ghanaian women said; 

"You wake up in the morning the erected pen!s is waiting for you. They chop you finish then you prepare food for them to eat. Then they go on social media or watch TV. A few minutes later then they want to chop you again. It is too much. We didn't quarantine or locked down because of d!ick. We are at home because of the Coronavirus. We are tired", she said.

She, therefore, called on the president to as a matter of urgency call off the lockdown so they could rest from the excessive sexual demands of ideal husbands.

The video has been greeted with mixed reactions, while some persons have bombarded her with abuse andd insult for bringing shame to womanhood stating that there are several other issues affecting Ghana she would have brought to the fore, others are hailing her for her boldness and courage to speak up on the behalf of other women.