Saturday, 25 April 2020

Uyo sex Pandemic; Nollywood Actor steps in, see what he said

Aftermath of Emmanuel Owuala 's Video and the follow up Saga.
My take on it.

Naturally and Intentionally I never wanted to make any mention on this issue, that is because I wouldn't want to be misinterpreted or misrepresented, fact being that Emmanuel Owuala (aka Emma Solution) is my friend too and like a brother to me. And I have known him for as long as I can remember, many many years back.

Please permit me for the sake of this write up to address him my friend (Emmanuel Owuala) as Emma Solution.

Sentimentally, I would have loved to, in all circumstances support my friend as everyone would thought. But No, I will disappoint you a little this time. He Emma, might not really like this because since the advent of this whole brouhaha I haven't spoken to him and this too was intentional so that I would be able to bare my mind as much as I can and I hope he takes no offence on this.

The triggered video by the lady ( Please permit me not to mention any name) that was posted here on Facebook calling out the Governor of Akwa Ibom State to the plight of his citizens came at a time where there was so much tension on ground already going by the scourging presence of Covid 19 virus in the State. Though a good number of school of thoughts applauds the lady with a tumps up that she did well. Claiming that she has every right to exercise her franchise of freedom to criticism. But I stop to ask, can't one criticise constructively without insult?. That sister poured a lot of insult on the person of The Governor of Akwa Ibom State and that could have provoked a whole number of people even non Akwaibomites not even residing in the state,  but most people wouldn't want to speak out for their own personal reasons. Yet someone spoke, because someone has to speak. It could have been you, it could have been me, it could have been anybody.

Criticism should be done in a dialogue manner where the criticised can have the nerves to answer the critic and proffer solution to the issues criticised. And afterwards everyone still stay together in oneness. Criticism shouldn't at all times result in faceoff or affront through the manner the critic approached the crux of the matter. Having said this, I want to veered away as this is not the bone of my write up but a pep for you to see my direction and intention.

Emma Solution my friend and brother, I know you too well to be a very passionate lover and follower of the person of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, the government and Akwa Ibom things. We have done a lot of projects together that concerns the well being and advancement of the State, and I saw the way you attacked them with the strength of a wounded gorilla as if your entire being was dependent on it. Sometimes I wonder why such passion and enthusiasm but discovered in my several checks that that is just you and you can't change. But brother in some situation you need to look again and again, think again and again, reason again and again. There and then you will be able to check your temperament before attacking issues. 

Having said this, let me delve a little into the matter that brought me here. There is no way you can undo what you have done already, there is no way insults can balance up insults. You overshot in that your video. You went overboard brother. Even if no one tells you, you know I will tell you the truth. Two wrongs cannot make a right, you would have answered the lady in a clean slate for insulting the governor and not join issues. But in all there are ways to make amends. You should know what to do brother. We still very much love you, so do the needful brotherly and soon too and let all these die off. A lot have been said and insinuated in many quarters, but believe me brother no one hates you rather they are very angry and anger goes off in the presence of remorsefulness and total repentance.

For those of us that are calling for the head of Emma Solution, what would we all gain if any evil befall the young man or his family. We are angry he overshot in his utterances in that video, but it is not enough to disown him and send him to the gallows. He has equally done some very beautiful things in this state that had gained applause and we all glee at it and give him tumps up. Please brothers and sisters, elders and friends let us not throw the baby away with the bath water. I am sure he is feeling remorseful right now, in as much as I am not holding brief for him I want to believe that my friend I know would do the reasonable soonest.

My friend and brother Thomas Thomas , I personally call you out here after reading your submission on this matter yesterday. Please let us not judge this by party line, Emma Solution is still our friend and brother. I am not interested in all those I was born here and raised here so that makes me an indigene, it is not a ticket to err or the story of what happens in Ibo land, America or Europe, it is not important now.The needful has to be done. Let us please stay together, and allow love to lead. Live and let live. Emma Solution is still our brother and he needs us now than ever.
I love us all, I love Emma Solution, I love Akwa Ibom State.

My name Is Armstrong Moses
AkwaIbom Finest and Most Celebrated
(aka The Street Bishop)
Writing From That Oil City Ekid.