Saturday, 2 May 2020

Akak takes delivery of first ever philanthropic donations

Mr. Brown and Engr. Akak displaying the items donated to the foundation

Ukorebi Esien | 29th April 2020

The Chairman of the Ben Akan Foundation, Engr. Ben Akak, yesterday, Wednesday, 29th April, took delivery of some sets of Branded T-shirts and Nose Marks presented to him as a gift donation by Brown Motors in his Calabar office.  

Presenting the Items, the CEO of Brown motors, Mr. Brown said he has seen all the good works carried out by Ben Akak Foundation especially in this trying period of Covid-19, the foundation has been at the forefront of assisting Cross Riverians cushion the effect of the season as occasioned by the dreaded virus. 

Mr. Brown, revealed that the numerous humanitarian gestures of Ben Akak Foundation got to his heart and he decided to partner with the foundation to touch more lives, stating that it was wise for him to queue into the humanitarian services of the Ben Akak Foundation. 

"I had followed the Ben Akak Foundation, and watched it keenly, I started seeing progress, godliness, I saw success coming into Cross River State, thus my decision to queue in. And as the Bible said, There's no other foundation that can be laid except that laid in Christ . I decided to queue into the noble course of serving humanity." Mr. Brown informed. 

"The Ben Akak Foundation has come out to rescue Cross Riverians especially this period of Covid-19 Pandemic, I saw bags of rice, I saw food items, I saw the many items he dished out to Cross Riverians. This is why I have queued in to partner in serving Cross Riverians." He added.

In his response, Engr. Ben Akak, the Chairman of The Ben Akak Foundation, who was visibly beaming with smiles while taking delivery of the donations, said this was the first gift donation the foundation was receiving since it stated its business of touching lives and making them better.

He appreciated the management of Brown Motors for thinking it wise to partner with The foundation despite the trying times and in a time when the foundation is yet to solicit for partnership.

He added that the gesture by Brown Motors is a sign that Brown motors is not all about selling cars but adding value to humanity. Akak also informed the management of Brown motors that their gesture will soon bear fruits as no man sows without reaping an harvest.

"You made me dumfounded, because you took me by surprise, this is a partnership that was not requested for, a partnership that was not solicited, coming from a man who seems not to be the richest, ...this is the first donation the foundation is receiving, you have demonstrated to the world that Brown motors is not all about buying and selling cars but you are contributing to humanity. 

Speaking further the Chairman of Ben Akak Foundation added "you have taken this steps, to follow the part of humanity and I am confident that you will soon reap the reward."

Highlight of the event was the presentation of the items and group photographs