Sunday, 3 May 2020

C'River blogger poses 5 Questions before Gov Ayade as things fall apart

Governor Ben Ayade

Ukorebi Esien | 4th May 2020

Politics they say is a game of interest and number, in which, there's no permanency in friendship and loyalty what is constant is interest. 

A smart politicians play smart and safe and will at every point in time want to have the support of both is followers and the supposedly Kingmakers or godfathers as you may chose to call them. In doing so, your goal is to always ensure all interest are aligned, while you call the shorts. But when you feel because you sit at the helms of affairs you can always call the shorts without consulting and aligning interests, you are only digging your own pit.

That is a clear example of what happened to Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River state. The owners of the property wants their property and he has no choice than to hand over.

As the governor battles for the soul of the party, a blogger in Cross River State,  Publisher of Weetalknaija blog, Mr. Clifford Jake, shares his thought while posing five questions for the governor to answer as he fights to gain his footings in the patty 

"I was removed from a WhatsApp group, because I insisted that the king should follow due process in bringing in chairmen and councilors. The response I got was, "The Party is Supreme and the KING is the LEADER of the PARTY". Now that the game has turned against the KING, is the PARTY no longer SUPREME? 

My annoyance is that, they keep deceiving him, even as things have fallen apart. 

The funniest part of the story is that, majority of those deceiving the king do not have contacts of those KING MAKERS who make things HAPPENS in ABUJA and their NOISE ends in CALABAR. 

"Money they said answereeth all things", but no one has also bothered to question the KING'S support in the said party he claimed to be the LEADER. 

I have five (5) questions to ask:
(1). What stopped the KING from attending the last Party meeting held at Delta state? 
(2). Did the KING sent a representative to represent him? 
(3). What was the KING'S role during the last convention that brought in UCHE SECONDUS as the PARTY CHAIRMAN? 
(4). Who was the KING'S preferred candidate before he later changed his mind? 
(5).  Did the KING even knows what is happening in his PARTY? 

Cross River youths, can we live all these fake praises and speak the truth for once?