Saturday, 9 May 2020

Dead end for UCTH as contractor finalise arrangements to seal off Isolation Center

The hanky panky played by management of the University of Calabar, Teaching Hospital may have come to an end as, Mr. Obi Achara, the contractor who built 
the building used as Centre for Emerging pathogen Research and Management (UCTH-CEPREM), has concluded plans to seal off facility which the Hospital turned into COVID-19 Isolation center with four bed space.

Findings also showed that the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital,UCTH ,has rejigged its own COVID-19 team to check the spread of the Pandemic

But there are concerns that the team may have been compromised already as many of them may have been "influenced" to maintain as well as protect only what the management wants out to the public ,even if it is against protocol of COVID-19.

Checks showed that most members allegedly submitted their account details in order to get "honorarium" for their supposed cooperation in covering up the real situation about the isolation center and standard protocol on COVID-19. 

Speaking with Mr Obi on Friday in Calabar ,he revealed that the Management of the hospital seems to be comfortable with litigation rather than calling him  for a round table discussion which he said he was open to all in a bid to sort out the matter.

He however disclosed  that since the matter was now in court he won't comment on it but he added that all arrangement was now complete for the sealing off of  the Center.

Obi called on the  Minister of Health and NCDC to take a cursory look into the Isolation Center as there were a lot of things that have been swept under the carpet eventhough stressing that in the eventuality of any case, the place may not be able to be used.

He further said that even though the place was not originally meant to isolate COVID-19 patients but was converted and he only handed over the keys to them( UCTH mgt) for the interest Nigerians and current situation in the country.

"My goodwill has been termed stupidity even as my suppliers have threatened by life severally with death and kidnap of myself and my immediate family.My outcry seems to have fallen on deaf ears because I handed over those keys after several warnings that i ignored this was going to happen.

"I released those keys becuase i wanted to  save lives even though i was told that NCDC and state government were coming for inspection ,nobody talked about due process at that time ,but immediately they got the keys ,they started singing another song of due process and so on.I am now the villain and not the oppressed .

"I am appealing to the Minister for health ,the NCDC to kindly intervene before it becomes too late even though I am not praying that Cross River should have any case ," he said.

The Centre for Emerging Pathigens Research and Management (UCTH-CEPREM) was  started in 2016 in completed in 2017 in the hospital under the former Chief Medical Director, Prof Thomas  Agan and was handed over in 2020 after an appeal my management of the hospital to the contractor.