Sunday, 3 May 2020

I am ready to drown and die with Ayade, PDP stalwart cries out

A former aide to Governor Ben Ayade and stalwart of the PDP in Ogep ward, Boki Local Government Area has said that governor Ben Ayade is his Messiahs and as such he is prepared to drown with him even in the face of the fight for the soul of the party ongoing in the state. 

Hon. Mc Agan Tommy who spoke exclusively to TDN said Governor Ayade is the best thing that has ever happened to Cross River state and his life, having brought him out of the Village to make him Special Adviser on Infrastructure, he can't for any reason work against him. 

He specifically noted that those who included his name in a list of people purported to have betrayed the governor in Boki LGA and circulating same on social media did so from a figment of their imagination. However, he agreed that he was contacted by some persons to produce names of persons from his Ogep ward but refused because of his loyalty to the governor. 

"How can anybody imagine that I can even in my worst state betray a man who gave me life, a man who picked me up from the village and made me who I am today, I was contacted by Tony Edah to supply names from my ward but I turned him down because I can't be part of a system that didn't contribute to my making."

"The person they finally picked from my ward as ward chairman, lives directly opposite me in the village, he doesn't greet me and does not even have the conscience /effrontery to call me or inform me of his purported new office because he is not my loyalist or part of my political cartel."

"I don't believe in the likes of Sandy Onor or Chris Agibe, those who think they are out to fight the governor. I believe in the governor's programmes and activities, I am already to die with the governor, if he is drowning, I am ready to drown with him, he is my master. So anybody who included my name in that list did a very big mistake." 

Mc Tommy insisted that the governor will surely come out strong from this problem, he said those who think they are fighting the governor today, should think well because they can't succeed in defeating a man blessed and chosen of God. The former Special Adviser reminded Ayade's detractors of 2019 election where they all swore that Ayade won't return, but God brought him back.

The grass rooter used the opportunity to pledge his unalloyed support to governor Ayade, even to the point of death.