Wednesday, 27 May 2020

OMG! You won't believe what a C'River lawmaker called his wife on her birthday

Hon. Davies and his beloved wife, Lizy

Birthdays are usually special days for the celebrant, there are days marked out to first thank the Almighty for sustained health and the gift of life. Many who have escaped several forms of death are usually grateful to their maker for completing yet another circle of life.

This wasn't an exception for the family of Hon. (Dr.) Davies Ettah whose amiable wife completed another circle of 365 days this morning. Dr. Ettah who himself is a lawmaker representing Abi state constituency in the 9th Cross River State House of Assembly took to his Social media handle to elugise his wife calling her all sought of beautiful names you can imagine including "irresistible", "sweet", "sensational"  'captivating figure".

The friendly, down to earth lawmaker seems to have captivated the hearts of his constituents, friends and loved ones with his sensationally romantic post as his wife's timeline even as early as 4:am is already filled with elugy of his succulent, pretty amazing wife -Lizzy. 


The post causing this traffic on facebook reads thus: 

First, I asked for your friendship, you gave it to me. Then I asked for your love, you obliged me. Yet I asked for your eternal conjugal partnership, you conceded. Years into this partnership, you are still the same irresistible, sweet, sensational and captivating figure. As you mark your birthday today, I ask for one thing — MORE OF YOU. Happy birthday my Rare Gem.

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