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Plot against Ayade Thickens, see 10 headlines that predicted current quagmire

Ukorebi Esien | 3rd May 2020

As the battle for the soul of Cross River state thickens, with court orders and national list flying up and down, The Daily News Ng, brings you a compilation of10 headlines it published between 2017 and 2020 that had suggested the currently quagmire Governor Ben Ayade is facing will come to pass. 

Truth is the plot against Ayade didn't start today, it had been on since 2016/2017 as soon as Sen. Liyel Imoke perceived that his successor may not have been the kind of man he thought he was. The plan to oust Ayade failed in 2019 election and as somebody postulated this current fight is a well calculated plot with a combination of allied forces. Their mission is to kill and bury. 

Enjoy the stories; 

1. C'River and the 2019 governorship race…Hypothetically Speaking – Simon Utsu

The immediate past governor of my state, Liyel Imoke is still the state's godfather of politics. From feelers out ‎there, he and his core loyalists aren't satisfied with Ayade's stewardship so far(like most of us) and are shopping for a replacement come 2019. Our politics(Cross River) isn't yet mature enough for independents to wake up and vie for office without the endorsement of godfathers and this has led to these godfathers continually 'raping' the electorate via imposition of either ill-prepared candidates or those who lack the capacity for various positions they're selected for. Till that time(of electoral independence) comes, I'll use this opportunity to plead with the godfathers to 'rape' the electorate with a little respect and make choices (for us) that'll make us and not mar us. 

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2. Second Term: Governor Ben Ayade to sell off Water Board to Imoke, Geshom Bassey, Others

Governor Ayade has concluded plans to privatize water board to Lileker (a company jointly owned by Senator Geshom Bassey and Senator Liyel Imoke) as a guarantee for a second term ticket in the PDP.
Two weeks ago during the NorthFest 2017, Governor Ayade held a meeting at the Ranch Resort with Liyel, Gershom, Igile, Engr Etowa, and Ralston (MD Lileker) to seek endorsement for a second term. 
The privatization of water board to Lileker was the instrument brought to the table by Ayade. The agreement has been accepted by Liyel and others, saw Dr Igile, managing Director of Water Board writing to Lileker to submit PPP proposal to water board for immediate approval.

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3. Revealed: See The Real Reason Sen. John Owan Enoh Left PDP

Senator Owan Enoh, who has been a former state legislator, former member of the House of Representatives and currently a senator in the 8th National Assembly is said to have been having a running battle with the state governor, Senator Ben Ayade. Sources close to the Senator disclosed that the Governor is planning not to return him to the senate come 2019. Other sources disclosed that the governor may have taken this decision considering the number of years the senator have been in the corridors of power, since 1999. The Governor is of the opinion that somebody of a lesser age or(and) from the old Obubra axis of Central senatorial district which Owan represents should be given a chance to represent the district. This decision is said not to go down well with the distinguished Senator and his decamping is thought to be a culmination of that feud

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4. Imoke VS Ayade: CRBC AOP throws a jab at Imoke, says "Imoke has just added another shameful feather to his cap.

The erstwhile governor had given the incumbent governor a bitter pill to swallow while giving his speech at the recently well attended Career Day organized by the Bridge Leadership Foundation at Calabar International Conference Center.
Speaking at the event, Imoke was alleged to have said "…When I was governor you people said I was a sleeping governor, but I think you would appreciate a sleeping governor who constructed rural roads across the 18 LGAs than what you have now…"
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5. Insecurity: You are at the verge of losing in 2019, De-mandate Advocate writes an open letter to Ayade

Our state is currently operating a feeding bottle system, a caricature leadership more or less a unitarised system where nobody's input counts.
To replenish the feeding bottle is a situation about to back fire and collapse completely. When people are agitating and there are several calls for solutions to the increasing insecurity challenges. it is very vital as a matter of State emergency to listen to them. Bring everyone to a round table by visiting other government systems of security report and begin to rework the security policies for the State to shed weight. We are currently operating a unitary policy masquerading as State policies.
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6. Imoke behind Plot to send Ayade, John Gaul on Political Exile come 2019, willing to apologize to Ugbo not Jeddy Agba

"Truth be told, it is not Wike that is pursing the agenda but former governor Liyel Imoke . Intelligence gathering from the inside has it that Imoke has told Markafi to end Governor Ayade and John Gaul Lebo's political journey in 2019."
"The duo of Governor and speaker are errors he stands to correct. However, he regretted not going ahead with Legor in2015b and also willing to apologize to Fidelis Ugbo, but no apologies to JD Abga."

"The immediate past governor of my state, Liyel Imoke is still the state's godfather of politics. From feelers out ‎there, he and his core loyalists aren't satisfied with Ayade's stewardship so far(like most of us) and are shopping for a replacement... 

The source went further to  say that Liyel said the emergence of Ayade as Governor of the state and John Gaul as Speaker of the state House are two big mistakes he must stand to correct. He however does not regret frustrating Jeddy Agba's 2015 gubernatorial ambitions but seriously regrets not handing over the seat of power in the state to Legor and he is very much willing to make amends with Fidelis Ugbo.

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7. Wike Pays Big Cash as PDP plot to Stop Ayade's re-election in 2019

Leading this onslaught is a former governor who is said to have gotten the nod of the party  National body to source for Ayade replacement ahead of 2019.

The party is said to have not been comfortable with the governor posturing in recent times as Ayade has not shown any commitment to PDP activities giving credence to the rumour that he is planning to defect to the APC.

Ayade is also said to have supported the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff faction while the PDP crisis lasted and so the Makarfi group has agreed to punish him for his actions.

The PDP National Exco had planned to dissolved the Cross River State chapter of the party so as to deprive Ayade from having control over the party but were prevailed upon by the shelve the idea as the members of the present Exco do not have the political strength to cause any serious trouble as he still enjoys the loyalty of most of its Executives.

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8. Breaking: Commotion in C'River as NWC of PDP rejects LG election candidates

According to an unverified information reaching our news room, commotion and confusion has set in as the National Working Committee, NWC of the People's Democratic Party faults the party's candidates for the March 28th Local Government elections in Cross River state.

The statement has it that the National Body of the party is not in sync with the manner at which the party in the selected its candidates for the forthcoming election, stating that due process was not followed
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9. Does Senator Professor Ben Ayade deserve a second term? by Ambo Ekpenyong

These questions have palpitated in my head effectuating mixed feelings. The reason is that H. E. Sen.Prof. Ben Ayade if weighed on the scale of some expected deliverable such as security (fighting cult clashes, communal disagreements and bordering struggles) and developmental strides ; I would say he has performed five points on average. But if examined on the slab of economy, health, policy, state cohesion, impartiality, rule of law and fairness, I would say he has flunked the essential test of governance.

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10. Ayadeism: A Genitically Motivated Art of Deception

During the electioneering campaign in 2015, Prof. Ben Ayade the PDP flag bearer rode on the campaign banner of "Consolidation" to become the governor of Cross River State. Many of the electorate from Cross River State who voted for the PDP did that because Ayade had promised to consolidate on the rural developmental strides of his predecessor, Liyel Imoke.  Between 29th May, 2015 and today, Ayade has made several promises to the people of Cross River State, which  contradicts his "Consolidation" electoral campaign banner.

Ayade's deviation from his "Consolidation" campaign banner would not had given cross riverians much concern if he had at fulfilled one tenth of his digital gigantesque outer space projects but the reverse is the case as Ayade have only succeeded in taking cross river state 20years backward.

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