Friday, 8 May 2020

We will provide good governance, carry everybody along - APC Chairmanship candidate

Ukorebi Esien | 8Th May 2020 

The All Progressive Congress chairmanship Candidate for Calabar, Municipality, in the forthcoming Local Government election, comrade Iso Edim, has said that if given the mandate as the Mayor of Calabar, he will run a participatory  government where all and sundry will be carried along in the scheme of things.

Iso who made this known in a statement made available to newsmen in Calabar, said, "It is an indisputable Fact that Power comes from the Almighty God and HE gives it to the Person HE so Chooses, but to achieve these, God Surely uses People on Earth to actualise HIS WILL on Earth."

The verbose, young political leader of APC while rolling out his plans for various sectors of the LGA said, "I would try my Best to Reciprocate to rendering of Effective Leadership/ Representation and Good Governance as the Council Chairman 2020.

Like we have already Promised to Carry everybody along, I will like to say that so many People Sees Leadership/ Governance to be a very Difficult Venture and I Personally see it to be very very Easy Venture when you know what you are going to do in that Office.

Often times I hear and see People develop High Blood Pressure because of the Stress of Office and I laugh.
When you are Prepared for a Particular Responsibility, you see yourself executing the Responsibilities of that Office very easily without Stress and Complaints.....

I am Ready to Pilot the Affairs of Calabar Municipal Local Government Area as Chairman because I have a Focus on what and where to tackle as Council Chairman. I will start working immediately after my Swearing-In as the Mayor of Calabar Municipal Local Government Area. It is UNPASSIONATE and Accidental Opportunists/Leaders who become very Confused when they are given Leadership Responsibility in different stratas.

Youths form/Constitutes about 75% of the total Voting Strength in every Society and I would not joke with them. The Youths would be part of my Appointees and beneficiaries of my Jobs Schemes.... I would Create reasonable Jobs for the Youths in the Local Government Area, involve them in the Supervisory of the Infrastructural Projects in the LGA (Permit me not to Espanciate because of my Personal Reasons).

The World is made up of about 7Billion People and Women forms about 5Billion out of this figure, the simple Implication of this is that Women are the Reasonable Majority in every Society and they Can't be joked or Toyed with.
The Agility, Vibrancy, Hard work and Results Orientedness of Women would be Highly Needed and Appreciate in my Administration.
I will also work in Partnership with Federal & State Government Agencies/Institutions to get the Women Sensibly and reasonably Engaged...........

This set of People/Institution have been unreasonably abandoned in my Local Government Area by Council Chairmen and other Fortunate Representatives/ Leaders for a very long time now and it would have to Stop in my time as a "BLUE BLOOD ROYAL SON OF THE SOIL".
My involvement in Civil Society/Human Rights Activism has availed me the Opportunity of traveling Across the Country and i have seen how Traditional Rulers are treated in other Places..... E.g District Heads (Village/Clan Heads) in the Northern Part of Nigeria are well taken care of by their Political Class than Paramount Rulers here in this Part of the World.

Traditional Rulers Communes with the gods of the Land on daily Basis and can be there as long as God keeps them, so why ignore them while in Office for 3years as Local Government Chairmen? My Tenure as Council Chairman would see to the end of this Lapses and ignoring of our Royal Fathers.....

By the Special Grace of God Almighty, Party Leaders and Faithfuls would play major roles in my Administration, especially those who works Hard. Party would be involved in all we do and also make recommendations. We would always Consult the Party on a lot of Issues because Candidates are Sponsored by Political Parties and my Administration would not joke with that Fact.

Non Party Members
It is not Possible for only your Party Members to Vote you into Office, by the Special Grace of God Almighty, I am Popular and my Popularity cuts across Board, so therefore, non APC Members would benefit immensely in my Administration as Council Chairman. Other Political Party Members and non Partisan Personages would have Pivotal Role to Play because Meritocracy, Excellent and Quality would be required in so many areas and in achieving these, we would look for ABLE HANDS and not being Sentimental.

Education is very Important to every Society and must not be joked with. We shall embark on Schorlarship Programs and also rehabilitate/renovate Schools to create Conducive Learning Environment for our Children. We would also equip Schools Libraries and Laboratories for Effective and Quality Education.
#BURSARY would be Paid to our Students in Tertiary Institutions to reduce some of their Challenges because Education is very Expensive so our Children needs to be Encouraged. CAMSA Shall be Strengthtened. 
COMMON ENTRANCE & WAEC FEES would also be Supported to Encourage our Children.

In Consultation with my Beloved Councillors and Leaders in the Local Government Area, Local Government Short Kilometers Roads/ Culverts and Gutters would be Fixed to make things easier for our People.....
By the Special Grace of God Almighty, Local Governments Allocations comes direct from the Federation Account so we would use the Local Government Money for Development and also better the Lives of our Beloved Society/People of Calabar Municipal Local Government Area.

As a Productive Economist by Practice, we will Encourage People to be Enterprising by venturing into Agriculture, Trades and other Life Sustaining/Supporting Businesses.
We would give Grants and Soft Loans to Business People because any Society that doesn't Produce is bound to go Bankrupt.
Giving People Money to eat Everytime has promoted Laziness and we would rather "Teach People How To Fish Than Give Them Fish"

By the Special Grace of God Almighty, I AM NOT AN OCCULTIST OR A SECRET CULTIST, so therefore I will tackle the Issue of Insecurity Squarely without fear of favour.
I want to also say here that majority of the Challenges/Insecurity is caused by Politicians who has nothing to offer but believes in BUYING ARMS & AMMUNITION to Young Men during Elections, after the Elections, what becomes of those Weapons?

INSTEAD OF BUYING ARMS & AMMUNITION FOR YOUNG MEN, I will Rather get them Busy with Jobs that would enable them Further their Education, Raise their Families and Live Better Lives than dying in their Prime Ages in the name of Secret Cultism while the Children of the Big Men/Politicians are living Meaningful Lives Abroad.......

It is so so Saddened to know that some of the Cultists/Thugs & Assassins in their 20's,  30's & 40's Years can't even Boast of FIRST SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATES FSLC or Senior School Certificate Examination SSCE, Meanwhile the Children of the Politicians/Leaders are B.Sc, M.Sc and Academic Doctors in their 20's & 30's?
With me in council as Chairman, the Situation would definitely Change for the Better, and my Beloved People of Calabar Municipal Local Government Area Would Smile.

With Consultation, we would do other things that would be brought before us. We do Listen and Welcome Other Lofty Ideas from Stakeholders because of our Operation of *"OPEN DOOR POLICY & ACCOUNTABILITY/TRANSPARENCY TO MY PEOPLE"*

My Beloved People Please Give me a trial and i won't Disappoint you, it's a Promise from my HEART.