Saturday, 2 May 2020

Why Gov Wike's Utterances against Gov Ayade Should be Condemn by All

2nd May 2020

Days ago, saw the social media awash with comments and statements credited to governor Wike of Rivers state against his colleague ands fellow party man, governor Ayade of Cross River State.

Many Cross Riverians and Nigerians alike, celebrated the Wike for his boldness and doggedness in confronting the FG while some stood at the fence. One thing was certain and that is Wike for whatever reason took a swipe at a fellow governor, a sitting governor and everybody is laughing.

This insult and disdain which the governor is yet to reply(that is if only he will see the need to) is coming at a time when the governor is having a running battle with a combine effort of his kingmakers and National Assembly members.

It is in the light of this that a public affairs analyst and faithful party member of the People's Democratic Party, Mr. Richard Romanus have in all its entirety strongly condemned the statements from Wike while calling on Cross Riverians to do same.


For some days now, those who have been following my activities on this platform can attest to the fact that i have been a bit critical about the Governor Ben Ayade administration. This is never done in bad fate, mallice or bias as some people already know but simply a patroitic move for the love of my State and her people.

My recent stand and position about this administration has not taken away my loyalty, love and dedication for the State. If not for anything, Ours is a State that has many 'First' to its belt and commands so much respect across the Federation. 

Therefore, i take serious exception and condemn in its entirety the uncouth comments and utterances made by Governor Nyesom Wike against my governor, Sen Prof Ben Ayade in his recent Covid'19 press briefing and i think every right thinking Cross Riverian should.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody has made Barr Nyesom Wike the President or leader of the Niger Delta States and so has no right whatsoever to dictate to any governor in the region on how best to govern their various States or rapour with the Federal Government. That governor Ben Ayade has decided to be a 'boy' to the Federal Government as he claimed is not and can never be his business. If being a boy to the Federal Government can help Governor Ayade secure Federal Government support for his Deap Seaport, Super highway and the airport, so be it. If being a boy to Federal Government would enable the State benefit from certain priveleges, so be it.

In the month of February, 2020, Rivers State went home with a total sum of 14.28 billion naira, being the State with the second highest monthly allocation for that month, the first being Delta with 18.32 billion. The same month, Cross River State went home with an infinisimal sum of 1.6 billion. Going by this sum, Rivers State can comfortably take care of Cross River State allocation for almost nine months. Why wont Governor Ayade be a 'boy' to Federal Government with such an unfair allocation formular if that is what is required for him to do?

If talking and confronting the Federal Government every now and then like we see him do works for Governor Wike, he must know that what works for him, may not work for Governor Ayade and they all cannot adopt the same strategy. Judging by what Cross River takes home every month, will it not be foolishness and stupidity if we dont apply wisdom, humility and bravery in dealing with the Federal Government?

Beside, what is the big deal with Wike or officials of his government coming to Cross River to take delivery of 1.8 bags of rice meant for Rivers people from FG? Why does Governor Wike thinks it should always be the other way round?

Celebrating Wike like i have seen some folks do is not thinking Cross River. It is allowing our hate for Ayade style of governance take away your love for the State while unknowingly creating room for Wike and other outsiders to continue to demean our dear State and governor the more.

Make no mistake about it. I am a big fan of Governor Wike. He is one governor who has done exceedingly well for Rivers People including the political class. I will continue to hail and commend him for what he is doing in Rivers but he may do well to exclude Cross River State from his list of coquered territories because he cannot no matter how he tries.