Monday, 22 June 2020

NYCN election: Hope restored as Congress constitute new CPC

According to a statement made available to TDN, there seems to be renewed hope for those who had lost hope in the electoral process ongoing in the Cross River State Chapter of National Youth Council of Nigeria after the election was called off for security reasons and some candidates were later announced as winners of the election the following day. 

The unfortunate situation had caused the gathering of stakeholders and the entire youths of Cross River State as well as the Elders Forum of National Youth Council of Nigeria who condemned what has transpired within the last few days in its entirety the ugly trend calling it a charade of illegality while calling for a proper and credible election. 

In its resolutions during the emergency congress held on the 19th of June 2020 at the election venue, the congress had passed a vote of no confidence on the Congress Planning Committee constituted by the outgoing Executives stating it inability to conduct a fair and unbiased election as reasons. 

The congress in a motion Constituted a new CPC with the mandate to conduct a free and fair credible elections within 30 days as stipulated by the constitution. 

In a press statement signed by the Secretary of the CPC Comrade Leonard Akwo, the CPC has called for order stating that it currently consulting wide and will in due time come up with it schedule for the elections even as it has promised to conduct a free and fair election. 

The statement reads in full: 


Following the CPC constituted on the 19th of June, 2020 after a failed attempt to deliver a hitch free election by the  former CPC and their subsequent dissolution upon a vote of no confidence passed, the public is hereby advised to remain calm and hopeful. 

The names of the CPC are stated hereunder:
a. Eyo Boco : Chairman
b. Leonard Akwo: Secretary
c. Akwagiobe Ernest : member
d. Oku Ekpenyong

We are aware of the  charade for an election which happened  yesterday, and like you, we understand how it feels to note that the same youths on whose hands tomorrow lies could drag our very integrity to such a reeking mud. We are here to inform everyone that the actions of those few does not and cannot represent the entire youth of Cross River State. Be informed too that NYCN CRS does not have a state executive council until a proper election has been conducted.

We have also heard concerns from cross Riverians within and outside the state and can confidently assuring all of you that we have all that it takes to arrest this anomaly and to ensure that it does not rear it's ugly head.

In the light of the above, we are carrying out a proper consultation to all relevant stake holders in the State  and in the end, we would drive the most formidable process towards birthing a brand new state executive that every youth would be proud of.

Under the firm leadership of Comrade Eyo Boco, the new Congress Planning Committee is poised to deliver a very credible election within 30 days.

Please be advised that the new CPC has the capacity to spearhead  a transparent process towards ensuring the birth of a new set of leaders who would steer the affairs of the state NYCN for another term.

We sincerely apologize for the irregularities witnessed from the previous committee and for the brief silence. Be sure that we would keep you  updated through every process until the day of election.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Leonard Akwo
Secretary CPC