Thursday, 4 June 2020

Retired army man rapes his 4 year old niece in Calabar

A retired army man in his late-sixties, the name given as Bassey Ekanem residing at 12 Edim Ibangaha Street, Big Qua Town, Calabar has raped a 4-year-old girl (name withheld), his niece in Calabar, Cross River State.

Bassey who retired in service as a captain in the Army is currently in Police custody and claimed he was under the influence of alcohol and couldn't understand why he committed the act.

The four years old victim was violated by the Uncle whom she often referred to as grandpa. "He (the suspect) had sent the lady living with him to market, then he lured the little girl into his apartment and started fingering her and broke her hymen in the process," a neighbor who pleaded anonymity revealed.

Adding, "It was the victims younger brother who is about 2 years who told their mother that grandpa put her hand inside her sister's "bum-bum" before their mother raised alarm and the matter was reported to Akim police station."

The matter has been transferred from the Akim Police Station to the State Headquarters.

When contacted, the Principal Counsel, Basic Right Council Initiative, James Ibor Esq, confirmed knowledge of the case noting that it was one amongst many adding that rape incidents were becoming increasingly alarming.

His words; "I am heartbroken and appalled by the increasing number of rape every day in Calabar and beyond, the Child Rights Act really needs to be implemented to the latter because the girl child is going through a lot.

"This particular matter cannot be swept under the carpet and the suspect must face the full wrath of the law even though they are related. In most cases, when the case is gaining momentum, a lot of pressure starts coming in for the matter to become compromised especially when it has to do with a relative."

"He is now in police custody and we expect our officers to do a thorough job because this is one too many in the rape saga ravaging the country, it didn't start today but it's high time people started speaking up, rape is a serious crime."

Ibor noted that the suspect has confessed to the act adding, "it is only the court that can determine whether he had the capacity to carry out the act as there are claims he was under the influence of alcohol at the time he committed the abominable act."