Thursday, 30 July 2020

UNICAL: Group drums support for Prof. Offiong, gives 10 infallible reasons

Prof. Offiong E. Offiong 

As the tenure of Prof. Zana Akpagu, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar gradually comes to an end, over 15 persons have indicated interest to succeed Zana as the University's Vice-Chancellor. 

A group known as Southern Advocate said it has painstakingly reviewed the profile and qualifications of all the various candidates and was impressed with that of Professor Offiong and to that extend decides to pitch their tent with him. 

According to a statement signed by the leadership of the group, their emphasis on candidates to be considered for the plump job are those from the southern part of the state because it strongly believes in the zoning structure that was initiated some years ago which gave room for Prof. Ikpoke, from Central senatorial district and Prof. Zana Akpagu from the North to become VCs respectively must be honored continuously. Therefore, the office should be left for Southerners.

Having, therefore, carried out their independent review of all candidates have decided to endorse the candidacy of Prof. Offiong Effangha Offiong for the job of piloting the affairs of the citadel of learning.

"Over these past weeks the Southern Advocates have had the opportunity on its own without bias, to consult, observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates from the Southern Senatorial District of Cross River; the zone due to produce the next Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar in the upcoming elections. Because of the rapid growth we are experiencing in our university community and the numerous challenges, decisions made now will affect us for many years and equally opined that " Decisions Determine Destinies", therefore there is no gainsaying that we need an experienced public servant with track records. 

Who has the wisdom and insight to make the right decisions to rebuild where necessary, reform if possible, and continue when needed on the foundations and achievements of his predecessors as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar. 

It is on this premise that We (The Southern Advocates) are going on record to endorse and present the man we feel is preferred for the top job of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar Cross River State; for your considerations, prayers, and supports for the betterment of our today and tomorrow." The statement reads in part. 

The group has endorsed Prof. Offiong went further to roll out 10 tangents reasons why Offiong is their option. Among which are: 

1. Eminent Prof. Offiong is a skilled educator with 35years of Teaching, Research, and Administration, he is a Professor of inorganic and coordination (pls confirming it's organic) chemistry for 18 years and still counting. 

2. He is familiar with the operation of the educational sector and well known to be resourceful, internationally exposed, well organized with excellent leadership, and team building records. A university is a place where many frequently try their hand at playing politics and attempt to impose their agendas and questionable biases on the educational system. It is worthy to note that the great University of Calabar on our land has a dismal roll call of students and staffs from the southern Calabar because we have been seen as caged and tagged lazy even been hedonic so as to compromise our opportunities in this great citadel of learning. However, in the contrast, Prof. Offiongs' political and academic record is well known and on the table, as clear evidence that informs our decision to pitch with him in this race for the position of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar Cross River State.

3. He has shown determination through antecedents of the past to challenge our challenges; His honesty, pragmatism and hopeful insight into the University community problems and needs as well as his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to all questions and concerns presented to him by stakeholders, sets him apart from the other candidates (with due respect to all other candidates within the Southern Senatorial District and the State at large).

4.  It is no news that for decades, Prof. Offiong has groomed, sponsored and mentored many undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates students including none academicians and several young minds, he is a supporter of fiscally responsible, Solid basic educational programs, and strong discipline in schools across the state and beyond.

5. His impact tells positively on indigent students through scholarship awards both local and international especially during his 8 years as Commissioner for Education in the State. 

6. Fundamentally amongst all contestants, he is a product of our immediate constituency (The Union). Prof. Offiong is a unionist per excellence who rose to the peak in ASUU, He was a Zonal Co-ordinator and National Vice Chairman and had a direct working relationship with the Students Union Government and Students in General as Dean of Students Affairs in the University of Calabar Cross River State. He has also served as Sub Dean and Dean Faculty of Science as it then was, Also to note, He was a member of the Governing Council of the University of Calabar.

7. Indeed Prof. Offiong has covered the field, He understands the language of the struggle and with him, victory will come. 
Let us as Advocates, conclude by saying that Snr. Comrade Prof. Offiong Effangha Offiong, is a long time resident of the University of Calabar, he is an excellent choice for the most revered office of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar and truly the most qualified candidate, he is fit and proper by credentials! By capacity!By capabilities! by Ranking! by academic Contributions! Amongst other virtues. 

8. Prof. Offiong's love for academic and human resource development knows no bounds, He would make a good Vice-Chancellor if or when entrusted with the responsibility.

The group called on well-meaning Cross Riverians and stakeholders especially those from the University Community to join in their support for Prof. Offiong stating that with Offiong emancipation has come for the University community.