Monday, 10 August 2020

HE Senator Prof. Ben Ayade: The “Valiant Governor" by Cassius Ogar

Cassius Ogar | 10th August 2020

Senator Prof. Ben Ayade is a household name in the history of Nigerian politics and in particular the politics of Cross River State in recent times. He is admired by his followers for his oratory capacity and vocabulary sagacity. He has remained a leader with auspicious capacity and zest for industrial revolution in Cross River State, a man who's name is synonymous with "the spirit of enterprise". Little wonder he has endeared himself to the hearts of youths in the state as he is identified as a youth oriented leader across the entire constituencies of the state. 

HE Prof. Senator Ben Ayade is an international leader by all standards. Been a well read scholar in the school of science, he has mocked the postulations of well established scientists and government of nations with his vilifying phenomenal oratory dispositions. 

This governor has distinguished himself in several counts that has rained on him encomiums, awards  at various forums including the "best performing governor award". 

I call HE Senator Prof. Ben Ayade the Valiant Governor because he was the last man standing against the tides of the entire world in the midst of Coronavirus Pandemic peak. You will recall with me that few months ago he sagaciously mesmerize the virus destructive potency through a public video by declaring to the world that people don't need to be so afraid of the virus if and only if "FACE MASK or FACE SHIELD" is use as this will prevent inter-persons droplets deposits. In the midst of national lockdown, HE ensured that Cross River State economic activities continued as against fear of the virus spreading. This position was highly contested by scholars in the field of medicine, and political analyst who wanted to score cheap political points against the performing governor of Cross River State. He further emphasized the irrelevance of social distances in event of the use of face mask which has been validated globally. 

To engender the state compliance of no "face mask no movement" as it has become the new global order, Prof. Ayade proactively empowered the state garment factory to produce face mask in mass quantity for state wide distribution. Today, states in all regions of the country are subscribing to this factory for commercial quantities of the face mask. It is worthy of note that through the instrumentality of the strategic leadership disposition of HE Senator Prof. Ben Ayade, Cross River State was the last State in Nigeria to be listed by NCDC among states with coronavirus cases. 

I tagged HE Senator Prof. Ben Ayade as the "Valiant Governor" because he is a man of valor, in our contemporary society, history has vindicated him as the world judged him wrongly when he took a stand on the use of face mask and social distancing reconsideration. Opinion polls across the world mocked his view, WHO leaders queried his stand. But, today, a number of global events has supported his ingenuity. For instance, the death of George Floyd in America, led to massive  protest across more than 30 states in America and almost the entire world got involved. In this instance, the subject of social distancing and use of face mask was negated.  All over the world today, a lot of protest are currently ongoing and people only subscribed to use of face mask but defile instructions on social distancing (e.g Germany, France protest etc.)

In the same vein, in Nigeria, a lot of social events including political rallies/congresses are held with strong adoption of the use of face mask and little attention on social distancing. Little wonder the use of face mask has been enshrined as a by-law in Cross River State. 

Authoritatively, it has become evident that one man's stand in the right direction can make a whole lot of difference in our society. Today, by all climes, the WHO has adopted the use of face mask as one of the preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus world wide. NCDC has also in compliance with WHO recommended same across Nigeria. 

My take is that HE Prof. Senator Ben Ayade should be given a global leadership recognition award for his novel approach to the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Cross River State. 

Cassius A. Ogar (FCAI, ISMI, NIM, RSF)