Wednesday, 12 August 2020

#IYD2020: Victor Ndifon makes bold statements, says "We will continue to resist Darkness"

#IYD2020: Victor Ndifon makes bold statements, says "We will continue to resist Darkness

Dear Youths of Cross River, I bring you warm greetings in the spirit of solidarity. The cosmic scent of the August break has ensured that we all enjoy briefly the absence of heavy downpours. This once again attests to the greatness and supremacy of the Almighty God Yahweh. 
Consequently,  let me use this medium to wish all young people across the state and country a very happy International Youth day celebration. 

With young people accounting for at least 60 percent of the population of the entire state and country, it behooves on us to be true to the theme of this year's celebration by participating fully in all aspects of politics and governance in our country and dear State.  No nation is greater than the capacity of its young people. The future of our dear State depends on the actions and inactions of young people. 

While I am an advocate of youth involvement in politics and governance, I am saddened by the retrogressive tendencies of some people who claim to be young people and in the process have hijacked the umbrella organization created to chart the course for the development of young people in Cross River State and Nigeria. Unfortunately,  they justify their devilish actions by saying " it is politics ". Are they saying that politics is bereft of morality? It is also rather unfortunate that many young people have bought into this unfortunate narrative by supporting the perpetuation of the illegality in the National Youth Council of Nigeria Cross River State Chapter. We cannot continue to condone the aforementioned and expect to see any change from those who control the levers of power. Whether we accept it or not. The critical mass of the elites would never take Youth formations seriously if they continue to control our actions with peanuts. 

The past few months have given me cause to reflect on the trajectory of our political leadership in the coming years. And I am sad that if leadership formations at the Students and Youth levels have been so bastardized with crass corruption and impunity then I fear for the future of our dear state. The culture of primitive accumulation and unholy materialism have compromised the conscience of many young people. This sad narrative does not bode well for the future of our state and country.  As a person, I have decided to stick to a principle even if I stand alone. We must rise above the manipulations of those who want to continue to control youth formations for their own selfish ambitions. 

Finally, I am happy and consoled that the state is also littered with an array of young people who would never compromise their principles for a loaf of bread and butter even when they are dire need of it. My brothers and sisters, on our shoulders, lies the responsibility of removing the subtle dark cloud that is gradually consuming our leadership formations in our state. We would continue to resist the darkness and one day the light would shine.  "politics without morality is not politics but impunity ".