Monday, 10 August 2020

"My blood is in your hands" student writes her scammers before committing suicide


Social media have during the weekend been agog with news of a 100 level student of the University of Calabar who was said to have taken her life after beign swindled by fraudusters who claimed to double her school fees for her. 

The 18-year-old 100 level student of the Department of History and International Studies, Veronica Bako Myomuter, was said to have received a message from social media promising to double money for her, she innocently gave out the sum of N100,000 meant for her school fees which she couldn't pay before the outbreak of Covid-19.

The deceased who hailed from Katsina Ala in Benue State, On discovering that she had been scammed, she became restless and was said to have taken a poisonous substance, said to be rodents killer, Sniper, on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at her home in Katsina Ala.

An eye witness account records that: "On Thursday morning, her family members noticed that she was withdrawn and depressed. They sought to know what was wrong with her but she told them she was fine. Her mum said since she is OK, she should pick a bike to the market and buy some items for herself. She drafted the list, but she said she wanted to bath before going, so reaching the bathroom, she took sniper."

"While her relatives were inside the room, she struggled and fell outside the bathroom. One of the neighbours who saw her on the ground started shouting, alerting her parents and siblings who hurriedly went outside only to find their daughter lying on the ground, so they asked her what happened, she managed to tell them that she took sniper."

It was also revealed through a close source that the victim had before taking her life sent a message to the fraudsters who defrauded her and it reads thus: "Before she passed on, it is alleged that she sent a text message to the scammer, saying that if she dies, her blood will be on the head of the scammer."

While her burial has been slated for Tuesday 11th August, friends, course mates and social media users are still in schock over the urgly incident. 

If you are reading this story, and you think you have come to the end of the world, I charge you to trust God as he won't fail nor disappoint you. It's only over when you give up. Take time and talk to someone, don't carry your burden alone.