Thursday, 13 August 2020

Why Chief Alexander's Community Development Electrification Project should be supported

It was the 35th president of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy while in his inaugural address while inspiring the world to see the importance of civic action and public service who made an historic statement, when he said; "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country. " These words has challenged and its still challenging men and women all over the world today to contribute in some way to the public good. 

According to SCDC, a leading body in community development in Scotland, 
"Community development is a process where people come together to take action on what's important to them." 
At its heart, community development is rooted in the belief that all people should have access to health, wellbeing, wealth, justice and opportunity. 

In the same vein, a Cross Riverian from the Bahumono extraction of Abi Local Government Area named Chief Alexander Ekpe has seen the need for the Bahumono nation to have access to electricity after a protracted period of darkness, thus, he began a slef indulgent electrification project of electrifying the entire Afafanyi, Abeugo and some  other Bahumono villages including new layouts, covering a distance of more than 20 kilometers. 

Recall that the Bahumono nation of Abi Local Government Area had been submerged in a long communal clash that lasted almost two decades especially the Ebom/Ebijakara clash. Having discovered that no meaningful development will take place where there's voilence the Bahumono nation through the efforts of the member representing Abi State Constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly, Hon. Davies Etta and the recently sworn in Local Government Chairman, Hon. Farathor Robison have all come together as brothers and sisters in agreement for Peace. 

With the return of peace in the area, it's only pertinent that development begins in earnest and as such, a son of the soil, Chief Alexander has begun this 20 kilometers electrification project, a great project that should be encouraged and supported by all and sundry. 

First the entire Bahumono nation must truly come to the realization that development will continue to elude them if they continue in crisis and communal wars and as such they must sieze this opportunity given them by their leaders to truly embrace peace and allow development have its way in the local government. They must do all within their power to uphold this peace as part of their contribution to community development. 

Secondly, it is also imperative that the government of Cross River State through its agency, "State Electrification Agency, SEA pay a visit to the site, see things for themselves and possible key into the vision by way of providing the necessary technical support and provision of the needed accessories such as transformers and other cadets and equipemts needed to add value to not just the project but Cross Riverians resident in these communities. 

As part of the encouragement and support to the philanthropic acts of Chief Alexander, other prominent sons and daughters of Bahumono Nation should emulate this gesture by picking up needs in the community and proferering solutions. Instead of contributing monies for purchase of amunitions, those monies could be chanelled towards community development. 

For Chief Alex, giving back to the society has always been part of his configuration as a rare specie, he had demonstrated his philanthropic nature in no small measures amongst residents and indigenes of his community in time past and even now. Testimonials and records are readily available to showcase his human capital development projects of young persons, scholarship schemes for students as well as Agricultural Empowerment in terms of seed funds and provision of improved seedlings for farmers and women. 

Chief Alexander who has been honored by his immediate community with the chieftaincy tittle of Ovia Odousa 1 (Chief of Community Development) needs more encouragement especially from the government of Cross River State and members of his community.