Wednesday, 16 September 2020

C'River North bye-Election: The Politics of personal interest against the people's interest

OPINION: Democracy is best defined as a government for the People, by the people, and for the people. This means it is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. But looking at the recent happenings in Cross River State especially as it has to do with the Primaries election to elect a flagbearer for the People's Democratic Party for the forthcoming Northern Senatorial District Bye-Election.

The killings, the maimings, the destruction of lives and properties, etc are all indications that democracy in Nigeria of which Cross River state is a subsect is no longer for the people neither is it by the people, rather it's for a select few who control the resources of the state. 

Hardly do we see people in politics or political office holders who are genuinely interested in the people. A man like former President Good luck Ebele Jonathan should be emulated. When he foresaw that the gang up against his ambition would lead to several deaths if he insists on making his ambition a reality, he honorably conceded to defeat. Even when he knew he could challenge the election and win. But to him, the lives of Nigerians were far more precious than his selfish desires. 

Hardly will we find any political leader in Cross River state with such a mindset. It beats my imagination that just our leaders have allowed lives and properties to be lost just because they want to be Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Has Jerigbe not have enough of the national cake? Why make this senatorial ambition a do or die? Why risk the lives of young people, because you feel you must be the one representing them? 

Dr. Stephen Odey's humble background should have taught him that all he has acquired and the positions he has held in life are purely graced on him by God. Why allow another man to push you so hard to the point of losing your conscience? Are you not afraid of the level of blood spilled so far? 
If finally, you win the seat, how comfortable will you be knowing so well that many lives were sacrificed for you? 

I thought the era buying of guns, drugs, and other material things for our young persons during elections had long gone, but I was wrong. I sincerely wonder when all this will change.

The Cross River Northern Senatorial elections have indeed indicated that political leaders in Cross River State are selfish and self-centered. The amount of money invested in the election so far by both factions is enough to solve a major problem in Cross River North. 

If only one of the candidates would decide to shelve their sword then, channels his resources to a people-oriented project, it will go a long way to save many lives. 

Aside from the monies spent on high profile campaigns, by the four major players in APC and PDP which are Jerigbe Agom/Steven Odey of the PDP and Joe Agi/Zana Akpagu of the APC, these persons also have allegedly spent a huge amount of monies in bribing their national party officials to conduct the Primaries in Their favor. 

Delegates were not left out as large sums were given to delegates both the authentic and the unauthentic brought in to vote. This means the primary election fin both parties witness large vote-buying. 

The post-election fight is also witnessing the display or waste of task payers money all in a bid to secure their candidacy through media wars and court cases. 

If one should want to take a look at the financial implication or cost of the just concluded primary election in both APC and PDP the money is enough to revamp the economic situation of the north. 

If these four major players and the other minor players had decided to put these resources spent on the election and the one yet to be spent during the main election together for the development of the north it will go a long way in stabilizing the economy for Northern Cross Riverians. But the bitter truth is that they will never do that rather they prefer to waste it just as they are doing in a bid to glorify their ego and push their selfish ambition forward. 

If these people really mean well for the state or their constituency why spend so much on thugs to kill and maim? Why make it a do or die affairs? 

I call on the electorates to shine their eyes and know that none of these persons truly wants to represent them, rather they seek to represent their families and their future while they build financial empires for themselves.