Sunday, 6 September 2020

C'River Senatorial By-Election: I'm the authentic winner - Hon Jarigbe


..Odey's purported emergence is a shame, we reject it...Aspirants 

Hon Jarigbe Agom and two others have rejected the purported emergence of Dr. Stephen Odey declaring that he (Jarigbe ) was the authentic winner of the Primary conducted in Ogoja at the weekend.

Expressing their displeasure, the other aspirants, Dr. Mary Iji and Marthina Odo described Dr. Odey's emergence as a shame and charade.

Speaking with Journalists on Sunday, Jarigbe said he was the authentic candidate of the People's Democratic Party for the Northern Senatorial election come October 31, 2020.

His words: "I  am the authentic winner of the PDP primary held in Ogoja yesterday. I thank my people for giving me their votes and for having trust in me as the struggle to liberate our state continues.

"My election was observed by the INEC monitoring team from Abuja led by Mr. Modibbo Belel, at Ogoja, with a list of authentic delegates as declared by the court.

"Let me also restate that it was supervised by members of PDP Electoral Panel including Ibiok Esu and Kenneth Zota. 

"I urge all my people in the northern senatorial district to remain calm and work extra hard for our eventual emergence on October 31, 2020 by-election. We pleaded with all to remain steadfast.

Our correspondent learned that Jarigbe had polled 381 votes to beat Odey, who scored 71 votes. 

Rejecting the process that produced Dr. Odey, the two aspirants, Dr. Mary Iji and Mrs. Odom called for outright cancellation of the entire process.

Speaking with journalists in Ogoja on Sunday they said it was a shame for the stakeholders not to obey the court order by using the authentic delegates list adding that the entire process was a sham as it was mostly marred by violence.

Mrs. Martina said: "What happened in Ogoja was a shame, the process was a charade but I thank God for my life because I have not seen this level of violence in my life.

"I thank God for my life though they smashed my vehicle. But I must confess that, with what happened at Ogoja Council headquarters, Nigeria's democracy seems to be going backward.

"I feel very disappointed because I never expected this from elites in this 21century, its barbaric and backward and the entire process was a sham and should be canceled," she said.

On her part, Mrs. Mary Iji deployed the process, saying the real delegates were not allowed to exercise their franchise as they were barred by armed security men.

Her words: "What happened in Ogoja yesterday was very despicable and uncalled for, and I can't believe that an ordinary primary election could degenerate into bloodletting and maiming of party men and women.

"With what happened I didn't even get one vote, does it mean that out of the delegates no one voted for me? I find it hard to believe because a lot of the authentic delegates never had access to the venue, the process that purportedly produced Odey was a charade," she said.


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