Thursday, 22 October 2020

#EndSARS protest may lose its value if protesters are not careful - group warns

Ukorebi Esien | 22nd October 2020 

A Coalition of groups under the auspices of the South South Legacy Group have warned that the ongoing protest calling doe the reformation of policing in Nigeria is likely to loss its value if protesters are not careful. 

This was revealed by Comrade Iso Edim, spokes person for the Legacy group who held a two day peace walk in Calabar Cross River State, calling for calmness and normalcy to return while the Federal Government is given time to begin the implementation of the demands tabled by the protesters. 

The peaceful street walk organised in Calabar the Cross River State capital city by the South South Legacy Group, SSLG, soliciting understanding from Nigerians protesting in sympathy with the current #EndSARS protest has appealed to Nigerians to give President Muhammadu Buhari the benefit of the doubt in respect of implementing the demands of the ongoing #EndSARS protest.

According to Edim, "the protesters have been able to make their demands known. And the president has promised to swing into action. Secondly, it is a known fact that some criminal tendencies are hiding behind the #EndSARS protest to perpetrate a lot of crime. As I sit here, I have just been robbed about one hour ago of my two phones and almost two hundred thousand Naira." He said. 

"This is done in disguise of EndSARS protest. If the people involved in the protest do not call themselves to order, it is leading to something else. Nationwide, it might lead to a civil war which we are not ready to face". Iso said. 

Speaking about the reported loss of Nigerian lives at the Lekki Toll Gate on Tuesday 20th October 2020, Edim who regretted the loss of lives of whom he called his compatriots condemned the killing of Nigerians. Edim said the citizenry "shouldn't see themselves bigger than the entity called Nigeria." He queried why Nigerians will defy government order in respect of the imposed curfew. He called on Nigerian youths to be law-abiding... 

"I don't support the brutality of the military. The military are not supposed to be involved in any civil agitation. Anybody who invited the military into this agitations should have a rethink and even apologise." 

Another source close to the legacy group who does not want press mentioning, insisted that the protesters should allow government the ample opportunity of time to consider the issues highlighted by the #EndSARS campaign. According to him 'We support all the demands of our fellow youths #EndSARS protest... But so far the message have been passed globally. We're therefore calling for an end to all negativities. However, it is only wise for us to give government a window to act and protect the lives of our youths and properties.

Furthermore, the source added that "Hoodlums and robbers are invading the cities and process this must stop. Let's give government a chance to implement... Peace is priceless war is senseless. We're loosing our future leaders. The protest does not worth a life talk less of lives. No more of this." He concluded.