Thursday, 8 October 2020

I am reabsorbing you out of compassion, Ayade to 2500 delisted workers


Finally, the Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade has bowed to pressure as he has began the process of screening the over 2500 delisted state civil servants who have not been paid paid salaries for over 13 months. 

Ayade had during the screening process address the about to be reabsorbed workers, in his speech the governor said they were delisted because their appointment were done behind his back without his consent and knowledge. 

 "when I came in because staff there had not been paid for a very long time, because they were ad-hoc staff. I decided to convert them to permanent staff, made them civil servants, payrolled them and paid their backlog"

Asking the affected workers to put him in their shoes, Ayade inquired, "If you were the governor of the state and you suddenly discovered an additional 2,500 staff on your payroll that you did not authorize, that you did not know about, nobody consulted you, what will you do?

The governor who had earlier bragged that he ended an 18 years old employment embargo informed the worker that he was only reabsorbing them out of mere compassion, stating that despite the state's dire financial status, his administration has recruited thousands workers into the civil service since assuming office in 2015.