Tuesday, 3 November 2020

"I told him... But He wouldn't listen Ayade's aide derides him, over high-handedness and incompetency

former Special Adviser on Strategy and National Contact to Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has thrown soft blows at the governor over what he described as high-handedness and incompetency displayed by the governor in the way and manner he is running the affairs of the state. 

Ray Ugba Morphy who is currently a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC made the disclosure in an article signed by himself and made available to our newsroom titled "He Never Listened". 

According to Master Ray, as an adviser he had had several opportunities of advising the his former boss, but he wouldn't listen. This also goes further to explain why Ray resigned his appointment in 2016 barley two years after assuming office. 

In his article Master Ray who in 2019, sought to represent Cross River North in the Red Chambers of the National Assembly under APC rolled out 10 areas he had advised the governor but he paid deaf ears to his advises. 

Ray's article reads in Full:

He never listened —by Chief Ray Morphy 

1. I told him to concentrate on citizen-enhancing projects spread across the LGAs, he ignored, he never listened. 

2. I told him to forget his MoUs and concentrate on skill acquisition for our youth. I told him to use the Togolese model and the Indian model where they trained their youth and then export them as skilled-trained labor who will in turn repatriate Dollars and help boost the economy. He never listened.

3. I told him to forget those grandiose impossible projects such as super highway and concentrate on fixing and improving the rural road networks. He ignored, he never listened. 

4. I told him that our school standards were low! I told him to embark on a massive teacher recruitment and education upgrade program. He ignored, he never listened.

5. I told him to appoint experienced hands who would look him in the face and correct him. He didn't want that, he knew all things. He never listened.

6. I told him to reduce the greed and the playing around. I told him that government was a serious business that requires thinking and thinkers, not just a food-on-the table approach. He ignored he never listened.

7. I told him that he will regret his approach to governance. I told him that the thing will rotten and smell in his hands and he will be cited as the worst governor ever. He ignored the sane free advice, he never listened. 

8. I told him to concentrate on projects such as roads and finish them before embarking on other ones. I told him it was wrong to scrape off existing roads and destroy people's roadside shops when he had no intention of speedily doing the roads, of course he ignored. He never listened. 

9. I told him that our people needed rural hospitals and rural roads, boreholes and enhanced markets. I told him our people needed to be empowered through cooperatives. I told him to stop his obvious family-based nepotism since the entire state voted for him, the entire state should benefit from government. He ignored, he never listened. 

10. I told him not to abandon the nearly completed roads of the previous Liyel Imoke's administration, he ignored, he never listened!

Now he knows that I was right. And I am still right. What a wise gifted thinker sits down to see, a comic on a tall tree can never see it. 

Now you you know WHY I RESIGNED THAT APPOINTMENT! Today, I stand tall because I am vindicated! But I am saddened by the wasted years!

I am Chief Ray Morphy
Mgba Ntol, Njoram Mfan, Ovar Okan, Nkpume Utonkor! Shaman! 
Former Special Adviser to Gov Ben Ayade on Strategy and National Contact

One is tempted to say that Ray's article is timely as it came when Nigerian Youths are demanding good governance from their leaders. 

Many Cross Riverians have also joined in the call on the governor to sit up in and carry out his responsibility and administer good governance in the state.