Thursday, 5 November 2020

OROKANWAN H. DUKE: Unveiling the Face behind the Mask

6 November 2020

It is quite unfortunate that the quest for power can lead people to act in a manner that is far below their estimation by the general public. The race to Governent House, Calabar seems to have begun early as political intrigues are now the order of the day in Cross River State. Yet only God gives power and office to who He chooses, no matter how much men plot, scheme and struggle. 

One of such is an early bird who in keeping with his natural character has been plotting the downfall of everyone he perceives to be standing in his way in his bid to take over from Governor Ben Ayade, come 2023. He was the mastermind of the unfortunate article widely circulated last week with the title, AYADE'S CONTINUOUS DESECRATION OF EFIK LAND. He had been unearthed as the face behind the mask but I decided to wait for him to conclude his customary second act of swooping in to douse the fire he clandestinely started, true to his nefarious character he appeared yesterday with a write up clumsily speaking from both sides of the mouth.

The author of the article who calls herself Orokanwan H. Duke and claims to be the woman leader of Ward 2 in Calabar South is really his old spinster friend and long time companion. Their plan is to malign other people who they suspect to be interested in the office of Governor and their perceived supporters thereby clearing the way for themselves. 

Unfortunately while he continues to hide behind the mask to criticize and insult Governor Ben Ayade, he comes out with press releases claiming to be a supporter of the same Governor. Like deliberately setting a house on fire and quickly trying to appear to be the one trying to douse the flames. Note also that he was the brain behind the unfortunate comments by the Obong of Calabar a few days after the mayhem that took place. 

Many will tell you that high mischief and intrigues are the stock in trade of this conscienceless man even when he served under Governors Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke. When Duke made him a member of the cabinet, he cornered most of the choice lands in the capital city for himself, a discovery that devastated the Governor at that time, he still retains a vast portfolio of land holdings. While he was very close to Donald Duke, he went about telling people that he was the brain box for the Governor and that most of the great programs and projects of that regime were his ideas.

He was to betray Governor Liyel Imoke also, who had appointed him a Managing Director of a big facility, an opportunity he exploited for his own self enrichment, by constantly smuggling in contraband goods and highly prohibited substances. The federal security agencies and Customs had to clamp down on the facility's bound cargo until when Governor Imoke went to the Controller General to beg, there Imoke was confronted with a security report on his smuggling activities and details of the extent of the decay, Imoke wept. He summarily terminated his appointment as MD. The security reports with the SSS and the Nigerian Customs Service exist to this day and can be published. Ever since the publication of that release under the fake name of Orokawan H. Duke, a detailed security investigation was carried out that pointed towards the duo and a confirmation by forensic experts who examined and analyzed the text, writing styles, use of words, punctuation placement among many other things. 

What is important is that the Efiks are known to be a civilised, exposed and learned people and should not allow their sons and daughters to tear themselves apart. It has been very clear for a long time that the Governorship is going to the southern senatorial district, your own children cannot begin to deliberately sow division among themselves and allow a dark horse from the Central Senatorial zone to sweep them off their feet. We expect the highest degree of cooperation and understanding amongst you people and whoever stands in the way of this strong resolve should be exposed. How do you as a people stand to gain from insulting our Governor? What do you stand to gain from abusing your Efik national icons like Florence Ita Giwa or Donald Duke? What kind of political strategy destroys its own so completely?

A word is enough for the wise.

Augustine Odey Adah writes from Calabar, Cross River State.