Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Nurse suspended for Sleeping with a covid-19 patient in an isolation facility

An Indonesian male nurse is facing suspension for stripping off his Personal Protective Equipment to sleep with a male patient infected with Covid-19 in the toilet. reports.

The nurse who had confessed to the crime may likely face a sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment if found guilty.

Also speaking about the incident, Asep Gunawan of the National Nurses Association said, "It is true that there has been a suspected incident of a same-sex relationship between a health worker and a COVID-19 patient at the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital," said Asep Gunawan of the National Nurses Association.

Reports has it that the case became public when the patient boasted about his frisk on his Twitter handle last Friday. The patient went ahead to upload WhatsApp screenshots between him and the nurse. The conversation was centered on their act With details relating the to lubricants and the size of their genitals. Amongst other things the patient posted on the micro blogging application was the nurse PPE lying on the floor while they had a nice time.

Speaking on the case, Lt. Col. Arh Herwin of the Regional Military Command informed that the matter has been transferred to Central Jakarta Police. Herwin also added that the nurse will be a witness in his own case as we as supply other useful information.

In the main time, both men had been administered coronavirus test with the patient still positive and the nurse negative. Report has it that the patient is still undergoing isolation at the Athlete's House," referring to a former Olympic athletes accommodation village that was transformed into a coronavirus hospital.